Biden calls Trump’s refusal to accept defeat “shameful” but says it will not affect the transition

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The president-elect of the United States, Joe Biden, crossed out this Tuesday “shameful” that the outgoing president, Donald Trump, refuse to admit defeat and he predicted that that will be a blemish on his predecessor’s legacy, but will not hinder the transition process.

At his first press conference since his victory in the US elections was confirmed on Saturday, Biden criticized the stance of Trump, who does not admit that he lost the elections and he remains locked in a futile legal strategy to dispute the outcome in several key states. “I just think it’s embarrassing, to be very frank. It won’t help the president’s (Trump) legacy,” Biden said.

Asked if he had a message for Trump, the president-elect replied, “Mr. President, I hope to speak with you soon.” However, Biden opined that Trump’s refusal to acknowledge defeat “will not have many consequences “in the transition process, and that he will be able to develop without problems the preparations for his arrival to power, scheduled for January 20, 2021. “We are going to do exactly what we would be doing if he (Trump) had recognized” defeat, said the former vice president.

No access to government resources

He assured that he will be able to get by without having access to classified intelligence information, as is the tradition for all elected presidents, something he described as “useful” but not essential, because it does not yet have the necessary power “to make decisions on these matters.”

Biden did not confirm press reports that his team studies legal measures to circumvent the blockade imposed by Trump to the transition team. He also stated that he has the necessary funds to deal with the process without the help of the General Services Administration (GSA), a body that depends on the federal government.

The routine certification of the winner of the election by the GSA, which has yet to acknowledge Biden’s victory, allows the president-elect team to access resources and government agencies to prepare for the transition.

About Obamacare

Biden’s press conference it was improvised and it comes after the president-elect gave a speech defending the 2010 health care reform known as Obamacare, hours after the US Supreme Court heard arguments in a case that tries to invalidate it.

“This attempt (by the Republicans to bring down Obamacare) is, in my opinion, just rawl, “Biden said about Tuesday’s hearing in the Supreme Court, in which most of the justices hinted that they are not in favor of repealing that law.



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