Biden appoints veteran Ron Klain as White House Chief of Staff

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Joe Biden elected Ron Klain Wednesday (local time) to serve as Chief of Staff at the White House. It reports that transition team of the future president of the United States.

Republican executives from key states see no signs of fraud

“Ron Klain’s deep and diverse experience and his ability to work with people from all over the political spectrum is exactly what I’m looking for in a White House Chief of Staff in times of crisis and at a time when we are reuniting our country,” explains Biden on Twitter.

The Chief of Staff is the president’s most senior officer in the White House and a key figure in his entourage. Klain had been seen by insiders for months as the top contender for the job if Biden would become president.

Klain has been a well-known face at the top of the Democratic party for years. When Biden was vice president under Barack Obama, Klain was also Biden’s chief of staff. He also advised Obama in 2014 and 2015 on how to contain an Ebola outbreak and has extensive experience in the business world.

Incumbent US President Donald Trump, meanwhile, still refuses to acknowledge his loss. He has filed several lawsuits last week for allegedly fraudulent voting in several states. However, he has not provided any evidence for this.

In the night from Wednesday to Thursday, two top Republican executives from the crucial states of Georgia and Arizona also said they see no signs of electoral fraud in the vote count.

In an interview with Fox News Mark Brnovich, the Arizona chief prosecutor and attorney general, said there are no signals in the state to support Trump’s allegations of electoral fraud. A possible recount in Arizona, he said, would not change the state of affairs in that state.

On Sunday, Trump’s campaign team filed another lawsuit in the state for allegedly falsely rejected ballots from his supporters.

Brad Raffensperger, the Georgia State Secretary of the Interior, also said in an interview with CNN that he sees no evidence in his state for Trump’s allegations of ballot box fraud against the Democrats.

Investigations into possible fraud have so far yielded nothing. Raffensperger says he believes the count has been accurate so far.

It was announced on Wednesday that there will be a manual recount in the state, due to the small difference between Biden and Trump. Biden currently leads with about 14,000 votes (0.3 percent) in Georgia.



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