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The Democratic presidency prepares a battery of executive orders to reverse Trump’s decisions. The formation of a group of experts to fight against covid-19 is their first step

The president-elect of the United States, Joe Biden, and the vice president, Kamala Harris, have laid the foundations of their future Administration with the aim of reversing the most conflictive measures adopted by Donald Trump during four years in the White House, but above all to get the country out of the health and economic crisis generated by covid-19. Under the name Transition46 (the number that corresponds to the Democratic presidency), a team of advisers and officials is working hard to tackle the four priorities of the new mandate: the coronavirus crisis, the recession, climate change and systemic racism. . The most defined plan, the one related to combating the coronavirus crisis, rampant in the country, will take place this Monday.

Resume ties with the international community, broken by Trump’s isolationism, through the return of the US to the Paris Climate Agreement or the World Health Organization; reverse immigration restrictions of the previous Administration, also Republican tax cuts that have not favored the middle class; reestablish one hundred public health and environmental measures of the Obama Administration that Trump repealed … The list of tasks that the new Democratic team intends to undertake is extensive, almost a Copernican turn, or at least a good turn of the wheel compared to the previous one, But none as peremptory as the fight against the pandemic, which will mark the compass of the change in power even before Biden’s inauguration is celebrated on January 20, and even more so, after Trump has accepted his defeat.

In front of Biden and Harris will have, as a major obstacle, the possible obstructionism of Congress. The Senate, where according to the unfinished electoral map now Republicans and Democrats tie, is pending a partial reelection in Georgia on January 5. If the upper house enters a stalemate, or there is even a slight edge for Republicans, they could slow the transformative breath of the new presidency, hence why Biden considers resorting to executive orders to overcome the pitfalls.

This Monday, a special working group on covid-19 will be formed, which will be composed of 12 experts and co-directed by three of them, according to the digital media on Saturday. Axios. Two have experience in the Administration, Vivek Murthy, who was spokesman for Health between 2014 and 2017, during the Barack Obama Administration, and David Aaron Kessler, head of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA, in its acronym in English) between 1990 and 1997, under Presidents George Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton. The third co-chair of the task force will be Yale University doctor Marcella Nunez-Smith.

These same experts submitted the first status report to Biden and Harris last week, as the Democrat highlighted in his speech Friday in Wilmington. The alarming course of the pandemic in the country, with the disease rampant in the Midwest and a sustained record of new cases, deaths and hospitalizations, centers all the sleeplessness of the Biden-Harris tandem, aware that a large part of its voters have supported by opposition to Trump’s catastrophic management of the health crisis. Coronavirus cases in the country have multiplied in recent days to the record registered on Friday of 127,021 new infections in 24 hours. In total, the United States has 9,831,030 confirmed cases and 236,856 deaths, more than any other country in the world, according to the Johns Hopkins University registry. Biden also plans to meet with Dr. Anthony Fauci, currently responsible for the fight against the pandemic under the Trump Administration – which has disavowed him on numerous occasions – before taking office.

As Biden has not tired of repeating at the electoral campaign rallies, his Executive contemplates a national plan of “mask, social distance, tests and traces”, so another of the immediate measures will be to create a single federal command, thus as responsible for the supply and supply of sanitary material, masks, gowns and personal protective equipment, as well as diagnostic tests and the necessary doses of the vaccine when available. Avoiding shortages, as happened at the dawn of the pandemic, but also dependence on Chinese production is a basic measure for an elected president who has promised to privilege the national industry through his program Made in America.

Migration policy also appears among the concerns of the new presidency, which intends to reverse the controversial restriction of entry to the country of nationals of some Muslim countries, as well as to grant again the residence permit to about 1.8 million Dreamers, the children of immigrants who came to the country as children and grew up here but who nevertheless lack papers, and with whom Trump was especially fierce, putting obstacles to the program that protected them from deportation. Biden have promised in the campaign that he will undertake the immigration reform pending since Obama’s term, regularizing 11 million immigrants.

There is a lot of fine print in the roadmap, from the review of the safeguards of the manufacturers of arms, to the extension of the background check process of those who wish to acquire them, in addition to the reorientation of the course in several federal agencies, but in lines In general, more than in the details, the spirit of change lies in substance and form in the desire to return to the mechanisms of the Administration’s power its essence and its functions of yesteryear, before the eruption of Hurricane Trump in the White House. It does not help at all, for example, that the outgoing president has not met with the leader of the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, in many months, or that he has conformed in record time a Supreme Court with a conservative majority, with the express appointment of Judge Amy Coney Barret, to which he could later resort if he insists on preventing the traditionally oiled transfer of power between Administrations of different signatures. Biden and Harris also finalize the formation of a diverse and inclusive Cabinet, according to sources close to the campaign cited by local media, that is representative of the different population groups, collectives and ethnic minorities in the country. His mission will be “to get the country out of a pandemic aggravated by Trump’s mismanagement, rebuild the economy in a more sustainable and inclusive way, and deal with division and inequality,” in the words of Delaware Democratic Senator Christopher Coons, very next to Biden, collected this Sunday by the newspaper The Washington Post.

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