During the European Mobility Week it is not uncommon for studies and statistics on transport habits to proliferate both drivers, young people and the general population. And one of these data is that the Spanish prefer to bet on bicycles and scooters to get back to work and your daily routines.

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According to the company Idealo.com, in general terms, The demand for this type of product increased by 144% on average compared to the first and second four months of 2020. The main rise was in interest in bicycles, especially electric ones: demand increased by 231%.

But, Why do the Spanish prefer these VMP to return to work? The first explanation is the search for alternative means to public transport given the current situation. The second is that with these vehicles it is not necessary to resort to a private car and, therefore, the economic savings are greater.

Proof of these two reasons is that the demand for folding bicycles, especially designed for short trips through cities, has increased in this second quarter of this year 92%.

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But according to the data from Idealo.com, the type of bicycle that has experienced the greatest growth has been the mountain bike, whose demand has grown by 277% from January to August of this year. The need to play sports outdoors after months of being indoors may be one of the reasons for the growing popularity of these models.

The scooters are not far behind

The other star vehicle of these months has been the scooter, with an increase in interest in buyers of 130% in the months of April to July for the traditional version and 38% in its electric version.

In the case of these VMPs, In the electric mode, a price increase of 18% has been detected due to the growth in demand, while in the unassisted the price has fallen by the same percentage.