Bianca Andrade evaluates open dating: ‘Being with others is the least of the problems’

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Bianca Andrade opened the game about her open relationship with Fred, from the “Unemployed” channel. To the journalist Foquinha’s channel on YouTube, the influencer gave details of the novel that began six months ago. “We had the same opinion about monogamy “, explained the artist.”I can summarize it in: I don’t care about what he does in his personal life, what matters is when we are together and how much we like each other. I am not in possession of his life and I am terrified of this type of dating that the person is in possession of, where are you from, what time will it arrive, if you answer or not, get angry if you do not answer “, he added.

Fred explains open dating concept with businesswoman

Bianca Andrade declared that “being” with other people is the “least problem” for them. “THE people are worried about so many other cool things about us. She has her life that has a lot of things to do and me too. Usually when you are in a relationship you and the person have to lose a piece of your life. But she has her life and I have mine and when we are together we have another life, which does not interfere. We have not fought for six months because we talk, we always try hard “, he declared.

Bianca Andrade bet on friendship with Fred

Bianca Andrade said that the first moment of the two together happens in 2017. “We became very friends. On the same day, we went to the club. I didn’t tell him I was dating. I loved him. My mother was with me and fell in love with him We danced together, I was delighted. We went to a restaurant and he started stroking my arm! [ruim]. But I felt nothing but friendship. Then I said that I was dating and he: ‘What?’ “, She recalled, awarded as a make-up influencer by PJB 2020.

1st kiss happened in a restaurant

Bianca Andrade, with a new look and a new look, also revealed that, before they stayed, she had encouraged Fred to stay with one of her friends. “I came to her and said I didn’t want her friend. I said, ‘Don’t you understand that I want you?’. I took my flight and went to São Paulo. At night, she called me and esculachou me! She said: ‘I was thinking that we were friends and you wanted to get me ‘. I replied that she was beautiful, nice and nice people. If she was going to get angry every time, she would get tired “, said Fred. The first kiss between the two would have happened in a restaurant and the romance hitched the distance, connecting Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

Boyfriend accompanied influencer on “BBB20”

Bianca Andrade’s participation in “BBB20” raised some controversies among internet users and the subject of female union was one of them. Fred said he was sad when he watched Boca Rosa upset: “I was tense because we were not exchanging ideas, I thought she was going to curse at me on the program, speak ill of me. I said I was going to watch only the first one and I got hooked. I have been with her for almost 3 years, imagine if on a daily basis she was different, but no. I really liked her in there, I cried when she cried “. In the game, Bianca had a fight with Rafa Kalimann, but the two have already made up.

‘She ignored me heavy,’ said Fred of a post-reality encounter

It was shortly after the elimination of the businesswoman in the “BBB20” that the two met. The moment happened at a party by DJ Bárbara Labres. “Bianca was eliminated from the program at the end of February and the two met at DJ Bárbara Labres’ birthday party. “I decided to go talk to her and she ignored me hard. I left there angry, she had ignored me and blocked me on Whatsapp. My mom sent me a message asking if I was okay and I said that Bia was angry with me and I didn’t know why. She pulled some sticks and spoke to Bianca. Then Bia sent me a message, the same day we made a 3-hour call “, recalled Fred.


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