Bezzai (KNVB): ‘No reluctance that we do not have a colored national coach’

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Houssin Bezzai disagrees with the criticism of the appointment of Frank de Boer as coach of the Dutch national team. The KNVB program manager for racism and discrimination does not think that the union has missed an opportunity by not appointing a national coach of color.

App coming to report racism

“Diversity counts, but the pond you fish from is not that big,” says the former footballer in an interview with Press. “Few people can fulfill this role.”

The Mijnals committee, which should promote diversity within the KNVB, lashed out at the union earlier this week through chairman Humberto Tan. The committee said it felt “cheated” and finds it inconceivable that the KNVB has not even entered into a discussion with a candidate with a migration background.

Bezzai, who himself was not involved in the appointment of De Boer, therefore sees things differently. “If someone of color becomes national coach again in the future, that is a nice step. We are really aware of that, but you also need someone who fits the overall picture. It is not unwillingness, because I am ultimately also “, said the Moroccan-born Bezzai, who played in the Eredivisie for Sparta at the beginning of this century.

The program manager discrimination and racism, who was appointed by the football association in March, is currently under pressure with the previously announced app that will allow people to report racism around football matches. “We hope to perform a first test within a few weeks and the app will be available before the end of 2020.”

The focus is just as much on amateur football as on professional football, he outlines. “This is where most of the reports come from us at the weekend. We hope that the people in those fields will report it to us more easily and quickly with this app. By the way, that can also be done anonymously.”



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