Bewilderment at Trump’s frenzied and erratic messages

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The president of United States, Donald Trump, has accustomed since he came to power to hiss storms on Twitter but those of the last hours have triggered the bewilderment. Since he returned to the White House on Monday after spending four days in the Walter Reed military hospital for his covid-19 infection, the president has left a frenzied barrage of messages and also erratic. Those with the clearest effects were contradictory on their position on the negotiation in Congress of new stimuli to face the economic crisis of the pandemic, a self of rejection and support that mounted in a roller coaster to bags.

No one can explain why Trump, who on Friday from the hospital was urging Congress precisely to work to achieve the stimulus on Twitter, announced on Tuesday afternoon on the social network that he had urged his Secretary of the Treasury to abandon the bipartisan talks with Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat who chairs the Lower House, ensuring that she would approve the aid after the November 3 elections. The message not only caused a collapse in the markets, but disbelief among electoral analysts about how something like this could favor the electoral strategy of the Republican, whose prospects at the polls darken more every day that passes according the surveys.

A few hours later on the same Tuesday and then on Wednesday, Trump again took a turn that this time encouraged the stock markets encouraging them to negotiate and approve not a great package but individual support measures, since small business loans until $ 25 billion for airlines and one new round of checks for 1,200 dollars for Americans. But mixed messages about the status of the talks were pouring in from all corners of Washington.

The feeling of chaos and frenzy increased with a torpedoing of tweets and retweets (at least 50 in two and a half hours) with which the president, who has not been seen publicly since the epic and controversially staged return to the White House, aimed at many of his known targets: from the accusations towards Barack Obama of espionage and attempted “coup & rdquor; to insults to the media The attacks on Joe Biden and Kamala Harris or the already constant assault with ghosts of vote-by-mail fraud.


Everything is tangled by Doubts and the cacophony that leaves from a White House increasingly affected by contagions from its staff. This Wednesday, for example, economic adviser Larry Kudlow and Trump’s chief of staff, Mark Meadows, contradicted each other on whether or not the president has already come to work at the Oval Office, and it is not a trivial question. Even at a time in his illness when he is considered infectious, the president should be isolated. In the West Wing, a memorandum has been distributed with security and protection measures for those who go up to the presidential residence on the second floor or go to the Oval Office.

He fear of employees has an explanation. With confirmation on Tuesday that Stephen Miller, one of the president’s closest advisers, has also given positive, the list of infected people who confirm the 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and the presidential orbit as a source of contagion. At least 34 people who work with the president or in the White House or who have passed by since the presentation of the judge have tested positive Amy Coney Barrett as nominated for the Supreme. “Is one of the most dangerous places in the country& rdquor ;, Pelosi said Wednesday.

The lack of transparency on the health of presidents has extensive precedents but this White House adds the lack of credibility built in the nearly four-year term of Trump. And the doubts that the whole truth is being told about the president’s state of health, which according to the latest medical report carries 24 hours without symptoms and four without fever, they plan on the campaign. Although Trump tweeted Tuesday that he is eager to participate in the second debate presidential with Biden he day 15 in Miami, the Democratic candidate replied that “if (then) you still have covid we shouldn’t have a debate& rdquor ;. And this Wednesday a spokeswoman for the Biden campaign recalled that “it is a ‘town hall’ format, with citizens asking questions, so Trump you have an obligation to show that you are not contagious”.

President loses another legal battle to keep his taxes secret

Once again, and five in just over a year, a United States court has told President Donald Trump that he has no right to keep his taxes out of the eyes of the Manhattan prosecution investigators who are under scrutiny. your history of financial actions.

Three judges of a federal appeals court in New York on Wednesday gave the green light to Attorney General Cyrus Vance to obtain the tax documents, which he requested for the first time in 2019. The magistrates, unanimously, have rejected the argument of the legal team from the president that there is “political harassment & rdquor; after Vance’s actions or that the subpoena to obtain the tax returns is “too broad”.

Those two arguments are what Trump’s lawyers put on the table before a lower court than the one the Supreme Court had forced them to return in the summer, which rejected previous arguments that the president was immune while in office.

Now it is almost certain that Trump will appeal this latest setback to the High Court, where he is in a hurry to install conservative judge Amy Coney Barrett, whom he nominated after the death of progressive Ruth Bader Ginsburg.



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