Watch Dogs: Legion is one of Ubisoft’s strong cards to close 2020 and is also the third installment in a saga whose premise and gameplay are based on the technology vulnerabilities.

And it seems that these vulnerabilities are transitioning to the real plane, as some reviewers have discovered a critical error which is affecting the consoles Xbox One X.

For example, Keza MacDonald of The Guardian reported this error and corroborated it with other video game journalists.

Said he was playing in Xbox One and that suddenly the console blocked for hours, making it impossible to continue with the game session, which is why he recommended not to buy this title for the moment.

‘I found a critical bug that it locked my console for hours in the story content. I will delay the review until it is patched, but while I can only recommend not to buy it yet ‘he wrote on Twitter.

MacDonald drew up a thread in which he stated that he carried around 20 hours of playtime when the error was presented and insisted that this is an example that many times the title that is analyzed can be different between reviewers.

He also said that his Xbox started working after cooling down after a few hours, and that he will try to follow his analysis in Series X to see if he can get there after the mission where his console crashed.

So far the error has only been detected in the current generation Microsoft platform, although there are also minor bugs in the version of PlayStation 4 Pro.

In accordance with The Spanish, Ubisoft issued a statement to inform that it is aware of the problem and that the next 30th of October will launch a urgent solution that should help.

Watch Dogs: Legion comes the October 29th a PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC y Stadia; el November 10 to Xbox Series X / S; and the 12th of November a PlayStation 5.