Have a video game console It does not imply that we will be using it all the time and enjoying all the titles and functions it offers.

It is very common that we suddenly realize that one of our consoles has months and even years off and without being connected (And we are not referring to platforms from decades ago that naturally do not have to be attached to the current, but to current systems).

Consoles that collect dust and that they have not been turned on or connected in a long time it is a common scenario for gamers.

We want to think that Nintendo has this scenario in mind, because through the Twitter account of the support team the company warned about what happens if the switch is left without charging for very long periods.

The Big N in a nutshell said that the hybrid console’s battery runs the risk of be permanently discharged if power is not being used or supplied.

” The built-in battery in the console can be discharged if it has not been charged or has not been used for too long. Charge it once every six monthsthe tweet reads.

So if you have a Nintendo Switch gathering dust and you don’t necessarily think about wearing it back in shape for a long time, at least be sure to give it a charge every six months to avoid any mishaps that may arise related to the battery.

It is a situation that obeys the hybrid nature of the Switch, because to enjoy the console in its portable facet it is necessary to charge it. Of course the recommendation is extensive to the Nintendo Switch Lite, a revision that cannot be pinned to a screen.

The point of all this is avoid battery degradationNo one wants to suddenly find a console that can no longer function optimally.