Whenever there is an event announcement or limited product launch, there is never a lack of abusive than resell a absurd prices.

That is what is happening now with Super Mario 3D All-Stars, a collection that will come to Nintendo Switch and will be made up of the first Super Mario three-dimensional, that is, Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and the original Super Mario Galaxy.

The collection will go on sale this September 18 and the peculiarity is that it will be a limited release, since it can only be purchased from that day until the end of March 2021.

In addition, from the day the Big N announced the collection, the pre-orders.

This has caused opportunistic go to platforms such as eBay to sell their own copies to exorbitant prices, under the argument that it is a limited product.

To set the benchmarks, the Digital version from the collection costs 1,699 Mexican pesos in the Nintendo online store, while the physical version It costs exactly the same on Amazon.

But resellers are offering the physics in more than 100 dollars on eBay.

You only need to see the records of this tweet to realize how crazy they are going. The first is for $ 108.99, which would be approximately 2,355 pesos; the second is for $ 100, which would be around 2,162 pesos; and the third is for 149.99, which would be about 3,242 pesos.

If you intend to acquire Super Mario 3D All-Stars, Our recommendation is that you do not go to resale platforms, because although it will be a limited launch, it is not yet out and the window to buy it will last at least six months. In other words, you have time.

Better reserve your digital copy in the official Nintendo store or if you prefer to have it physically, enter here and pre-order it on Amazon at a good price.