Journalist, talk show hostess Bettina Sågbom lost her husband Thomas Ekin for cancer last May.

Sågbom was present with his son when death came.

– I hope Tomas realized that he was not alone in his last moments, says Sajgbom Kaj Kunnas and Paavo Nurmen in a book published on Tuesday Encounter II.

– When Tomas died, I closed his eyes. We stayed in the room for almost two hours. It felt really hard to leave and leave him there. It was a terrible situation, Sågbom continues.

This was not the first time he had sat next to a dying loved one. Similarly, Sågbom sat alongside his mother with Parkinson’s disease.

– My mother’s last three days were just awful. I followed beside him as he tried his best to breathe. Breaks in breathing sometimes grew really long.

Calm down always said that no one should die alone. I took it upon myself. It was really important for me to be with my mother in the last moments. Mom could no longer communicate, but she opened her eyes and knew that my brother and I were by his side.

Sågbom’s father, on the other hand, died of massive cerebral hemorrhage. It struck when she was getting her wife after the third breast cancer surgery from Porvoo Hospital.

– Mom was waiting for Dad in the hospital cafeteria. He was alarmed, because half an hour’s driving distance had passed since the hour. Then Father Subaru recklessly appeared in the hospital parking lot.

– Mom hurried to the car and broke her toe in that rush. Dad was squatting at the wheel of a car. He still got his eyes open but couldn’t speak. Nothing could be done, Sågbom says in the book.

He had time next to his father, who had died.

– We listened to the radio on my father’s deathbed. The TV roared softly in the corner of the room. The radio came Jenni Vartiainen Where is my Darling and Arttu Wiskarin Unknown patientp. I still can’t listen to these songs without moving.

– Dad’s breathing sounded just like snoring. It’s reportedly typical. Then came one cough. I realized it was in it. Dad was the first dear person I lost, Sågbom says.

Kaj Kunnas and Paavo Nurmi: Encounter II (Mistake Media Oy) appeared on October 27.