Beto Casella makes his debut as an actor with a character beyond prejudice and with a couple who made history

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The host was encouraged to interpret a role played in a streaming work, with Osvaldo Laport and Luisa Kuliok. It will go from October 3, by Teatroplay.

The pandemic generated unthinkable situations and the theatrical world, above all, had to reinvent itself in a thousand ways. Behind the rainbow is a work carried out during this period of isolation that brings together Osvaldo Laport and Luisa Kuliok again (now virtually) and adds Beto Casella with a very special character.

It is a love story, in this context marked by the pandemic that reunites one of the most famous pairs from the television. The premiere will be on October 3 at 9:30 p.m. on the new TeatroPlay platform.

The legendary couple that Kuliok and Laport formed in telenovelas that marked an era as You reap what you sow and Beyond the horizon, meets to tell a new love story but with the spice of this current pandemic and social isolation.

The play, directed by Laport himself, was written by Francisco Scarponi, has original music by Martín Bianchedi and the cast is completed by Facundo Gambandé, Jazmín Laport and Beto Casella.

The participation of the conductor of the television cycle Blessed and radial Well raisedIt is a surprise because of the role played in a dramatic key. “My character is called Pablo and the most interesting thing is that he is a man who rediscovers his sexuality when he is older and lives a romance with a younger boy”.

The proposal to debut as an actor in a dramatic role came from Laport. “Input He told him that he wasn’t even crazy. I studied theater for three years in my twenties and it made me very cheeky to share with such rude artists as Osvaldo and Luisa, “he says.

But they convinced him and Casella says it was an experience from which he learned a lot. “My character dreams of doing musical comedies, he wants to be Judy Garland but he is not very talented. And she suffers for that too, “she says.

One of the biggest challenges was not falling into stereotypes. “It was not the intention to go on the humor side. I relied on Osvaldo’s gaze to put the character together,” says Beto.

To portray it, Casella had to undergo a lot of characterization work by makeup artist Oscar Mulet. The work was made, to a large extent, by zoom and some scenes in a shed, under strict sanitary protocol.

“This confinement, I think, created some kind of inner emptiness for all of us that could finally be transformed into something creative,” says Beto. In your case, go for something you’ve never tried before, like acting.

“I always liked to experiment and how I came into the world without the chip of shame, I took off. I really enjoyed it, guided by Osvaldo in the direction. I learned and I became aware, “he adds.

“The experience of the zoom rehearsals was exciting. It gives me a bit of shame to be next to them who were the most popular couple on television. I still do not dare to see myself,” he says.

However, the new facet that he was encouraged to try left him the best of sensations. “You have to get old and when you can no longer move, be able to remember your whole life as a movie and the more scenes you have, the better,” he says.

Casella, who had already dabbled in theater as the author of two plays What do you have in mind? and Meeting of geniuses, decided to donate his share of the profits for the entrances, to various dining rooms with which he regularly collaborates.

After each function of Behind the rainbow, the public will be able to have a meeting with the actors, also through this platform, to chat about the play. And thus, replace in some way, the applause and the real exchange that is usually given at the exit of the theaters.

The performances of Behind the Rainbow will be every weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) at 9:30 p.m., by TeatroPlay, starting on Saturday, October 3. Tickets cost $ 550 and are purchased at:


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