He Classic between Barcelona and Real Madrid in which Zidane’s team won He had a controversial move that will surely be talked about throughout the weekend. It is about Lenglet’s grip on Sergio Ramos, which was marked as a penalty and meant 1-2 for Madrid.

After the VAR intervention, the referee Martínez Munuera indicated the maximum penalty and the networks burned considering that these types of grabs are not usually whistled.

Even the Real Betis he protested on his Twitter account comparing two similar images. One, a grab in their meeting last week against Real Sociedad and another with the controversial play of the Classic, accompanied by a surprised face.

The journalist Isaac Fouto has explained on Twitter that Real Sociedad Betis’ move was also reviewed by the VAR, although The referee saw a previous foul by the Verdibanco team that annulled the subsequent possible penalty.