Berger: contract with Vettel – luck for Aston Martin

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Former Formula 1 driver Gerhard Berger commented on Sebastian Vettel’s move to Aston Martin and Mick Schumacher’s progress …

Question Next year, Sebastian Vettel will drive for Aston Martin. What do you think of his decision?
Gerhard Berger: Sebastian had to decide if he wanted to pursue a career. He decided to stay in Formula 1 – and I understand him. Sebastian had to find a team that would fit the image of a four-time champion. In my opinion, such teams were only Mercedes, Red Bull and those who will be called Aston Martin next year. Mercedes and Red Bull Racing have no vacancies for Vettel, only the British team remained.

In my opinion, Vettel and Aston Martin are a great combination that is quite consistent with the traditions of this brand. This is an interesting but challenging project for Sebastian. Hopefully he can win races again with Aston Martin.

Q: How fast will an Aston Martin get?
Gerhard BergerAston Martin will be noticeably faster than Ferrari in the near future. In my opinion, the Italian team will spend a few more years among the laggards.

In addition, Aston Martin will use Mercedes engines, and their close relationship with Toto Wolff gives them an edge in the future. Already this year, Racing Point drivers are fighting for the podium. For example, at Monza Lance Stroll finished third. And Sebastian Vettel will achieve more from the car and will be able to fight for victory. It is unlikely that there will be many of them, but one or two – quite.

Q: Sebastian hopes to fight again for the title. Is this possible in Aston Martin? In Ferrari, he did not achieve such success …
Gerhard Berger: The contract with the four-time champion is a stroke of luck for Aston Martin, and working with this team is the best decision for Sebastian. He will help them move forward. But I do not want to talk about the title with Aston Martin – for this many factors must coincide, and I do not believe in it. But Sebastian may well win a few races.

Question: Do you still believe in Vettel? Is he still a fast driver?
Gerhard Berger: During his career, Sebastian has repeatedly achieved success and often showed what he was capable of, so he no longer needs to prove anything to anyone. In my opinion, this is a great solution for Aston Martin. But behind the wheel of a new car, Vettel will again want to show everyone that he is still a fast racer. And the Aston Martin will be very fast with a Mercedes engine.

Q: How important is it for Formula 1 that a German driver will remain in the peloton?
Gerhard Berger: In Germany they love motorsport, and it is very important that Sebastian Vettel remains in the peloton – he has a suitable image.

Question In Formula 1, another German racer may appear – Mick Schumacher. In Mugello, he will drive a few laps in his father’s car, Michael Schumacher. This message aroused keen interest. How did you take this news?
Gerhard Berger: She did not surprise me. Mika is supported, he has the right attitude. Everyone is glad that he goes his own way.

Question: How do you assess his progress?
Gerhard Berger: He learned a lot from his father. Mick is a very calm guy, he works hard and gradually improves. Last weekend, he won the Formula 2 race – this is very timely, so that he goes step by step to the goal. It’s a carefully planned career. Everything is just like his father did.

Q: When will he come to Formula 1?
Gerhard Berger: I admit that it will happen next year.

Question: In which team will he play?
Gerhard BergerA: I assume that at Alfa Romeo – they have close ties with Ferrari.

Question: What advice could you give him?
Gerhard Berger: Everything should go as it goes. Mick is a good guy, he behaves right and goes his own way. But no one will do his job for him – everything depends only on him. I really like Mick and I am sure that in the future we will hear about him often.



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