Karim Benzema He arrived at Real Madrid in the summer of 2009, before 16,000 people. He was one of the great signings of Florentino Pérez that year, along with Cristiano Ronaldo and the least successful Kaka, and he is the only one of the three left, now also as the team leader more on than off the field.

How was your first meeting with the white president is part of the interview that premieres this Wednesday Movistar + in the program ‘Valdano Universe’. The former general manager of the club sits down with Benzema to review, with his usual calm and comfortable tone for the protagonist, his career.

The day they closed the deal for me to leave Lyon olympic and he went to Real Madrid, Benzema remembers it almost with some shame. “I remember I was with my friends and my family and my agent called me to tell me that I had to go home quickly. I told them I didn’t have time, but they told me I had to go. Florentino was at home. I opened the door and saw him, “he recalls.

“I remember I didn’t speak much. I just said hello and looked at him … He said: ‘I have your word’ and I said yes, yes, ‘” he recalls. The rest, in terms of topics, is history.

The early days were difficult. In fact, until relatively recently he received whistles at the Bernabéu, something that in recent times has changed until he is considered one of the most beloved. “I was not mentalized about what Real Madrid means, the team, the people, the pressure, the city. He was alone, he did not speak Spanish. It was difficult, if you don’t feel well off the pitch, inside it is very difficult. It’s what happened to me the first year, “says Benzema.

Now he has been reconverted and has gone from being a forward to becoming an essential in the attack, although he is not as a scorer. “The forward has to know how to do many things, not only score goals. I can score a goal, but if I don’t touch the ball in ninety minutes, that is a problem,” he analyzes.