Benoit Paire set off the alarm: he tested positive for coronavirus, they let him play and left

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The French tennis player had been excluded from the US Open for having Covid-19. Now he revealed the different criteria that the organization had in Hamburg, where he had to stop playing because he was exhausted.

The French Benoit Pair He returned to star in a controversial situation and set off an alarm on the tennis circuit. After withdrawing from his first round match of the Hamburg ATP 500 when he fell 6-4 and 2-0 against the Norwegian Casper Ruud, the 25th number in the ranking confessed that before his debut he had tested positive for coronavirus, but the organization still let him out on the field.

“The rules are different in Germany and I want to thank the doctor and the tournament, they let me play. I tested negative yesterday, but in two other tests I had tested positive,” acknowledged the 31-year-old Frenchman. And he assured that he left the game due to physical fatigue.

The tournament organization quickly came out to clarify why the player had been enabled. “This interaction between positive and negative tests is not unusual. The first two tests were positive, but the subject was not infectious. The third test was negative “, explained Volker Carrero, doctor of the contest, to the newspaper Stuttgart newspaper.

Since the season resumed after six months of standing due to the pandemic, Paire could not overcome the debut in any of the three events he played. He had also said goodbye in the first round of the Masters 1000 in Cincinnati and Rome before arriving in Germany. But he was one of the great protagonists of the last weeks for what he lived off the field.

In the Flushing Meadows bubble, he tested positive for Covid-19 in the run-up to the US Open and was excluded from the contest. His result also affected some of his compatriots, such as Richard Gasquet and Adrian Mannarino, who had to do a stricter quarantine, and Kristina Mladenovic, who could not complete his participation in doubles.

While confined in his room, Paire did not shy away from criticizing the organizers, assuring that the “bubble” was not a controlled and closed environment. “I’m fine for now, I have no symptoms … I hesitate to say what is really happening in this false bubble,” he said in those days.

After serving the 14-day quarantine in New York, he traveled to Italy to play the tournament in Rome. And upon arrival, he exploded against the organizers, who had scheduled his debut match against the locals for the first day Jannik Sinner, which he finally lost.

“Shit programming” he wrote in Instagram. “Thank you Masters 1,000 from Rome. I made a request to play on Tuesday and have one more day of training after arriving from New York and as I play against an Italian they put the match on Monday!”, He added, accompanying the message with the hashtag #goodjob (good job) and #notfair (not fair).

In Hamburg, he was again at the center of the controversy, after confessing that he had jumped onto the field despite his positive. His words revealed the lack of unification of criteria when dealing with the positive cases of the players in the different tournaments of the circuit. And they generated some concern, four days before the start of Roland Garros, which will start on Sunday, where the rules are stricter.

“The rule here is different, so the ATP has to explain what the rule is. In Paris there are players who have tested negative but since their coach has tested positive, they cannot play. Here, in Germany, you test positive and you can play “Paire analyzed.

In the French Grand Slam, there were already six disqualifications in the previous phase for positives of players or members of their teams by Covid-19. Among them, the Bosnian Damir Dzumhur, who after verifying that the result of his coach’s test, which caused him to leave, was a “false” positive, assured that he will sue the French Tennis Federation, organizer of the tournament.



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