Benefit-receiving Memphis police lieutenant present at Tyre Nichols’ brutal beating has retired.

A police supervisor who was on the scene when a man was beaten to death by officers has retired with his benefits, even as he faces revocation of his law enforcement certification. The officer in question, Lieutenant DeWayne Smith from Memphis Police Department in Tennessee, is not charged over Tyre Nichols’ death; seven other memphis officers were fired after homicide charges and video evidence showed several men beating Nichols following a traffic stop. Five of those involved are currently facing second-degree murder charges.

However,Tyre Nichols’ family attorney Ben Crump said it should never have come to the point where Lt.Smith could “cowardly sidestep” justice by retiring off before what would have been an eventual dismissal hearing based on facts that had already placed him under investigation for serious infractions during Mr.Nichols’s distraught interaction with uniformed personnel moments prior to being beaten mercilessly leading into his very rapid onset demise just three days later less than one week ago.”We call for Memphis police and officials to do everything in their power  to hold Lt.Smith fully accountable,” stated Attorney Crump.The decertification documents against Smith reveal additional details about his actions that night.Smth heard Nicholas say “I can’t breathe” as he was propped up against a squad car but failed too get him Medical care or remove handcuffs according Ho sources close . Investigations also revealed other inappropriate conduct including no wearing body camera violated department policy which immediately put any erroneous weightage onto Defense arguments if allowed early enough in court trial dates thus tainting jury selections.

Memphis City Council vice-chairman JB Smiley Jr.,who reported unhappiness regarding allowing offending policemen retire while investigations continued blasted: “It didn’t seem fair,”as well conveyed emotional dismay about letting someone responsible escape accountability.JB affirmed publicly:”I don’t like fact defendants parents still paying salary that eventually used towards guilty defendant living expenses”. Investigators alleged without conclusive testing at time conclusion made.Investigators make claim through footage capture:

five policemen pinned down badly bruised unconscious victim amidst insults/ racial abuse though legal experts refute such finding due lack evidentiary viability.Police brutality remains contentious issue throughout United States despite protests,town-hall meetings and legislative reforms 
As we highlighted earlier this month,the US Justice now reviewing policies within local departments around use-of-force,and effective engagement strategies.This step,may be considered necessary since brutalities become more routinely practiced whilst expansion goes unchallenged inside some regional jurisdictions.Our thoughts go out saddened relatives whom continue demanding nothing short truthfulness surrounding events precipitating untimely loss.  

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