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He Bellvitge Hospital of Barcelona start this Saturday a special crash program to reduce surgical waiting lists that have been aggravated by the pandemic, scheduling interventions on Saturdays for the first time in their history. For the day of this Saturday there are already 70 scheduled surgeries and it is planned to take place around 600 operations from nine specialties On Saturdays that remain until the end of the year, as reported by the center this Friday in a statement.

Every Saturday a total of 13 operating rooms to attend interventions of general and digestive surgery, plastic surgery, urology, cardiac surgery, gynecology, vascular surgery, otorhinolaryngology, traumatology and ophthalmology. The deputy director of the Surgical Process of the Hospital de Bellvitge Alvaro Arcocha has ensured that, after the mandatory break in March and April, oncological surgery and other non-urgent ones were quickly recovered, but “the waiting list for other not so urgent pathologies was increased”.

The measure will apply until the end of the year

According to Arcocha, it has been possible to schedule regular activity in the operating rooms on Saturdays, thanks “to the effort and enthusiasm of all the professionals involved.” The hospital works with the intention of keep the program until the end of the year if the evolution of the pandemic allows it.

This shock program adds to the increased activity in operating rooms last summer, which made it possible to reach 150 more surgical sessions than in the same period in 2019.



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