American model Bella Hadid, 24, has been dating actor legend for weeks, according to American media Jack Nicholsonin grandson, actor Duke Nicholsonia, 21.

According to newspaper allegations, the couple has kept a low profile of their dating. It is known that the duo have met each other for the first time in New York in September.

Bella is supposed to have celebrated her birthday with Duke for two before Bella headed with a group of girls to celebrate her aging. On social media, Bella drummed her birthday party with a group of girls, but according to the source, she completely omitted from her soma updates the news that she had celebrated with Duke a week earlier.

Bella celebrated her birthday by traveling with her entourage on a private plane for a birthday outing. He shared pictures of the party spirit social media.

Duke is known not only for his family roots, but also for his horror film role. She starred in the horror film Us in 2019. She is also remembered for the cover photo of singer Lana Del Rey’s 2019 Norman F ** king Rockwell album, in which she posed along with the singer.

Source: Cosmopolitan