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The data from infections and hospitalizations by covid in Belgium they maintain their good trend this Monday, the day that Belgian primary and secondary school students they return to the classrooms after two weeks of extended school holidays due to the coronavirus.

With a cumulative incidence of 892 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants In the last 14 days, primary school students will maintain class attendance five days a week, while those in secondary school, from the age of 14, will have in-person and telematic alternation systems at least until December 18, when the Christmas holidays start.

Belgium currently presents an average weekly regression of infections (-47%) and hospitalizations (-22%), although admissions to intensive care (+1%) and deaths from coronavirus (+7%) still increase, although a much slower rate than a month ago, for a total of 14,421 deaths. The number of covid patients in ICU in Belgium stands at 1,439, far from the 2,000 admissions barrier considered critical for the health system.

Moment of “plateau”

“We somehow reached a plateau because for a few days we have been between 1,400 and 1,600 patients,” the Francophone spokesman for the technical committee against the coronavirus said at a press conference. Yves van Laethem, who explained that something similar happened already in the first wave before the income in ICU fell sharply.

Last Friday, the prime minister, Alexader de Croo, confirmed that Belgium will maintain for at least two more weeks the current restrictions, such as the night curfew, the obligation to telework and wear a mask, the limitation of social contacts or the closure of hotels, leisure and culture.

Coinciding with the reopening of schools, which will involve more movements and use of public transport, spokesperson Antoine Iseux stressed the importance of respecting the imperative of work remotely.

“Teleworking is mandatory for all companies, associations and services for all staff members, unless it is proven impossible by the nature of the work,” said the spokesperson, who noted that Belgium is “on the right track, but it is a long way “.



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