Belgium imposes a night curfew across the country to try to stop the increase in infections

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In order to contain the constant increase in coronavirus cases in the country, the Belgian authorities decreed a night curfew from midnight this Monday to Tuesday, during the next fifteen days: it will be prohibited to circulate, except for special authorization, throughout the territory, from 00:00 to 5:00.

As the provinces of Walloon Brabant, the center of the country, and Luxembourg, in the south, have already done since last October 14, it will be prohibited to drive during that time slot, except for medical reasons, or by displacements between the workplace and home.

The new movement restriction thus adds to the closure of bars and restaurants, effective for the next four weeks, and the limitation of private meetings to a maximum of four people for the next fourteen days.

Tests only people with symptoms

On the other hand, the Belgian health authorities decided this Monday to limit coronavirus tests for at least one month to those who present symptoms, in order Avoid the crowds of medical centers and delays in results.

While people who are presumably asymptomatic will not need to be tested, they do must comply with quarantine ten days in case they have had close contact with a positive case.

In addition to those people who present the symptoms of the disease, they will also have priority to undergo the test health personnel, people at risk, or those over the age of sixty-five, reports the Belgian radio television channel RTBF.

More trackers

Given the saturation of medical centers and the heavy workload among their professionals, the new measure also contemplates the possibility that tests can be carried out by other health workers who until now were not in charge of these tasks, such as speech therapists, midwives, or general practitioners in training.

Likewise, in the meeting held this Monday by the nine Health Secretaries of the different territories, the authorities also promised to hire more trackers, in the case of Wallonia it is expected to pass from 230 at the end of September to more than 400 for the next month.

So far, Belgium has confirmed 222,253 cumulative cases, after adding more than 9,100 infections in the last 24 hours, while the deaths due to the disease amount to 10,413.



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