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The exponential increase in infections of covid19 in Belgium has led this Friday to federal government to harden the security measures to contain as much as possible the second wave of the pandemic that is sweeping through Europe. As explained by the Prime Minister, Alexander de Croo, bars and restaurants throughout the country they must temporarily close for a month, although there will be an assessment of the situation in 15 days. The sale of alcohol will be prohibited from 8:00 p.m. and there will be curfew from midnight to five in the morning.

“I am aware that the measures are harsh and unfair but unfortunately the virus is also unfair and affects us all, particularly the most vulnerable people but it is now that we have to react & rdquor ;, De Croo has influenced after the meeting of the concertation committee held this Friday between the federal government and regional officials to agree on the new measures that will come into force this next monday.

The prime minister explained that despite the measures taken last week, the spread of the virus is accelerating and that action was necessary. “The figures do not stop increasing, they are doubling every week and today there are about 2,000 people hospitalized, 327 people in intensive care and 35 people died yesterday & rdquor ;, the Belgian liberal has detailed about some” alarming and higher & rdquor; figures, he said, “At March and April & rdquor ;. De Croo has also warned that the next few days will be very bad and that the situation will get worse. “The numbers are going to keep increasing. In the next few days the news will be bad & rdquor ;, he has warned.

Social bubble to a minimum

The government’s decision also includes a reduction in the social bubble so that apart from the people with whom you live, you can only have close contact – hugging without maintaining the partner distance or mask – with one person (currently there are three), although it can be received at home up to a maximum of four , the same throughout the month, as long as security measures are maintained by means of distance or the mask. The restaurants will be able to serve meals, although only to take away and until 10 pm, while the markets will be able to continue operating although guaranteeing security measures.

In addition, the telecommuting it will again become the rule of thumb as far as possible. In cases where it is not, companies must do their utmost to protect their employees. In addition, as in some cities in France, a curfew throughout the country, which means that between midnight and five in the morning in which it will be in force, it will not be possible to walk on the street except for just cause or essential displacement.

“We don’t want people to organize parties at their houses. We know that the temptation is strong and the best way to avoid it is to tell them that they cannot go from one place to another between midnight and 5 in the morning & rdquor ;, the health minister has justified, Frank Vanderbroucke. “We are in an extremely serious situation and we want to prevent hospitals from being able to care for the sick & rdquor ;, he justified claiming that if they want to keep schools open and companies running, it is necessary. According to the latest figures, between October 6 and 12, Belgium has registered an average of 5,976.3 new coronavirus infections per day. Only last Monday, 8,500 were registered, the highest number since the pandemic broke out.



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