According to RBC, Alexander Lukashenko was sworn in on Wednesday for a new term as President of the Republic of Belarus in a previously unannounced ceremony. Commenting on the event, Slovak Foreign Minister Ivan Korčok wrote on Twitter that Lukashenko is responsible for the fraud of the August 9th presidential election, and Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Linkevichius described Lukashenko’s appointment as leader as a “prank.” republic, which he has led since 1994.

“What a farce! Fake elections. False investment. The former president of Belarus has become no less “former”. “On the contrary,” the Lithuanian foreign minister wrote on Twitter. Meanwhile, in Belarus, the “5 Element” store, for example, announced its closure, and the IT company “Rozum Robotics” declared September 23 as a non-working day, in connection with the “festive event of Lukashenko’s investment”, the company’s representatives thus suggesting that he join the protesters. The Belarusian opposition has announced that it intends to hold an indefinite protest following the secret inauguration of Lukashenko as president.

“We will never agree to counterfeiting and we will ask for new elections! We urge everyone to start indefatigable action indefinitely, “Pavel Latusko, a member of the Belarusian Opposition Coordinating Council, wrote in the Telegram. The Telegram account “NEXTA” also issued a message calling on Belarusian citizens to take to the city’s central markets on Wednesday night.