The inhabitant of Gomel. Alksandr, 23, was detained on August 12 at a bus stop. The detainee’s mother said that the special forces picked him up and put him in the van when he was already on the bus. According to the woman, the son is practically deaf and speechless, and that only she understands him.

He signaled to the militia to the hearing aid that he could not hear, tried to explain something, but was beaten on the legs and forehead. He was then brought to his knees and placed on the ground in the police station.

The court acknowledged Alexander’s innocence and acquitted him.

Svetlana Tihanovskaia, a key figure in the Belarusian opposition who fled to Lithuania, said on Thursday that she would prepare a list of members of the regime’s police forces guilty of violence and arbitrary arrests, with a view to possible future investigations, AFP reports.

“I urge the security forces to stop the violence and join the people of Belarus. If you do not do so, you will not escape a fair trial and punishment,” she said in a statement.

The opponent claims victory in the August 9 elections, claiming that President Alexander Lukashenko defrauded the election to extend his control over power, which has lasted for 26 years.

She fled to Lithuania in the days following the vote, in the midst of unprecedented anti-government demonstrations that continue to shake the former Soviet republic.

Svetlana Tihanovskaia said she was blacklisted with a team of human rights activists.

“We are preparing a list of law enforcement officials and members who have been and continue to be involved in police abuse,” she said.

“We will send this list to Ukraine, Turkey, Russia, EU member states and the United States. The list will be made public,” she said.

The European Union is preparing sanctions against those it considers responsible for rigging elections and cracking down on demonstrations.

The three Baltic states – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – have already put on their lists of undesirable people Lukashenko and 29 other senior officials of the electoral commission, ministries and police in Belarus.