Beko launches the HygieneShield dryer, with disinfection program

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According to a study carried out by the appliance manufacturer Beko, half of the Spanish population claims to have changed their hygiene habits at home as a result of the pandemic and reveals that new hygienic measures are now being applied and they carry out more thorough cleaning processes.

In order to support these new trends, the brand presents in our market the HygieneShield range of appliances composed of seven devices equipped with a technology that, according to company sources: is capable of kill more than 99% of bacteria and viruses, including the coronavirus.

Need to clean more thoroughly

The new Beko HygieneShield UV scooper arrives in our country, which will be the first to receive the product since, according to the firm, it is one of the most affected by the pandemic.

The dryer and the range of products in which it is integrated, uses heat, steam and ultraviolet light technology for practically total disinfection. Adds features to sanitize garments to help consumers adjust to the new normal and new needs at home.

During the presentation, which took place at the College of Physicians of Barcelona, ​​the rigorous research at a global level was reported to know the current needs and changes of habit on the part of consumers.

Research data

This is a worldwide study that shows that, in our country, 48.7% of Spaniards admit to having modified their cleaning habits at home since the beginning of the pandemic and, specifically, they assure that they now apply new hygiene measures. In addition, 4 out of 10 Spaniards affirm that they now dedicate more time to cleaning and hygiene at home. Some tasks that 46.3% of those surveyed think are much more important than before the Covid-19.

Features of the dryer

According to information from Beko, the HygieneShield UV dryer eliminates bacteria and viruses – including coronavirus – and disinfects clothes safely and without damaging them. Includes the Hygienic Refresh UV program that treats up to six items of dry clothing; It also has a hygienic ultraviolet light drying cycle that dries and disinfects up to 5 kilos of clothes, even those that need to be washed at a low temperature.

The range

The outstanding novelty is that, in addition to the dryer, Beko will bring to the market a gcomplete housekeeper for HygieneShield appliances It is made up of different electrical appliances: a UV sanitizing cabinet, a combi refrigerator with a disinfection drawer, a washer and washer-dryer, an oven with saturated steam and heat, and a dishwasher.

This product line uses elements such as steam and heat to improve cleaning and disinfection results. Cem Akant, General Manager for Spain of Beko, has stated that: ‘We want to provide quality products that ensure the disinfection of the home to generate peace of mind in consumers when making their homes safe and clean spaces’. For its part, Manuel Royo, marketing director of the company has assured: ‘With the launch of the dryer in Spain, we want to respond to the current needs of consumers for protection against bacteria and viruses such as the coronavirus.’

Expert opinion

The presentation event was attended by the Drag. Helena Basart, a specialist in Occupational Medicine, and advisor on Occupational Health at the Barcelona Medical Association, who has addressed the needs at the level of prevention that as a society we must bear in mind, and the change in hygiene habits that it will represent for homes and families. ‘In the current circumstances, the best possible vaccine against coronavirus is to pay special attention to hygiene and disinfection. In this sense, the technology that can improve the current circumstances is a great help in the fight against the pandemic, ‘says the doctor.

As pointed out by a large group of experts, the ultraviolet light is effective for disinfection tasks and, in fact, it has been used for years in hospitals, airplanes or factories, among others.



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