Being heteroflexible, a trend that grows in the under-25 generation

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Adolescents and young people explore sexuality outside of labels. “Sex goes beyond the penis or the vagina,” says 19-year-old Marina.

Heteroflexibility refers to heterosexual people who experience situational sexual attraction towards people of the same sex, but they do not come to consider themselves bisexual. It is also known as bicuriosity, curiosity to have other erotic experiences, in this case homosexual. This behavior, which is becoming more visible in recent times, has adolescents and young people as its main protagonists.

“The adolescent undergoes a gradual formation of identity and still does not have a defined sexual orientation. Body image and acceptance of one’s own body are being built. In adolescence, situations and situations are idealized. is experienced and explored sexually, there is not much rationalization. The adolescent is bicurious, rehearses different emotional experiences. It does not imply a decision-making since you are preparing, but you do not have the maturity yet to do so. Sexual activity can be motivated by an emotional impulse that can lead to different behaviors “, explains to Clarion the psychologist and sexologist Analía Urretavizcaya.

For Mariana Kersz, also a psychologist and sexologist, the people who are most encouraged to explore these new sexual behaviors are those who make up the “sub-25 generation”.

These young people, he points out, began their sexual activity in a very different way than adults who think about sexuality without intermediate points or allow themselves to get out of everything that does not have to do with the binary. “We think he’s gay or straight, he’s a woman or he’s a man. The under 25s are teaching us this flexibility of understand desire as a question that has nothing to do with parameters or structures. It is somewhat looser where they can find medium or gray points that I think allows them to have a better quality of sexual life“says Kersz.

“It is often said that heteroflexibility is imposed at this time as one of the most common sexual practices among millennials, a behavior that sets a trend in centenarians. Genitality for the youth of this new century is not a priority, nor comply with the imposed rules. They want to know what this is about being free in body and soul, a revolution that demands to be felt with all the body and the senses. The heteroflexible tendency has a high impact on young people from the middle classes, a range that goes from adolescence to their twenties. Guys who allow themselves a close less judgmental to sex and that they have a cultural consumption that allows them options. They are not ashamed to tell it because, in their circle, a touch and go with the same sex does not take away points neither with their friends nor for future conquests, perhaps even the opposite, “he describes Clarion The psychologist with a postgraduate degree in clinical sexology María Gabriela Simone.

Urretavizcaya maintains that at present it is easier to see it as a fashion because influencers and figures like Miley Cirus give it greater visibility; However, she clarifies, this way of having sex. always existed although it was more questioned and less visible.

“The search for pleasure and new and different sensory experiences can lead to encouragement to undertake a erotic adventure outside of the fees imposed. Young people cheer, play and flirt with the choice and having many options. Heteroflexible or heterocurious people explore their sexuality without questioning their orientation. It is a subject of sexual fantasies where the skin of the body will respond to erotic stimuli, no matter who produces them, “she points out.

Currently, it is not strange when some girls are shown on social networks kissing with friends, touching their bodies in a seductive way, taking photos and videos where they share these types of experiences.

“In my office I see that girls are more flexible and probably as a result of machismo men are less encouraged. The mandate of man as male is still there and it seems that the male, if he has sexual curiosity, is immediately cataloged. Female sexuality is accepted as looser and free and girls are more animated. Feminism did a lot to achieve this“Kersz maintains.

Marina (19) is from Misiones, but two years ago she came to study in Buenos Aires. It is defined as bicurious or heteroflexible since it set foot in the city. She says that in her province people are very closed and that she had no possibility of exploring or getting to know other bodies, other genres, but she knew she wanted to experience it. “For me,. sex goes beyond the penis or vaginaIf I like someone and I feel attracted, I can give myself the freedom to have an encounter with a person who is of the same sex, without causing me any kind of discomfort. On the contrary, I live it fully and it allows me to explore everything I want in the way I want, I am not limited by a label, “he says.

Carolina (23) always had heterosexual partners, she is attracted to men, but finds a totally different pleasure in women. “With a girl it is different because being a woman knows that the stimulation is in the clitoris, in the whole body, in the skin. Even in the shape of the woman’s body there is something that I cannot find in the body of a man, I still love them and could never be a lesbian, but I allow myself to explore without labels. With girls, sex is much more sensory, “he describes.


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