Behind the scenes, Verstappen’s accident also caused pain

Red Bull’s heavy crash at the British GP by Max Verstappen is a blow to them for many reasons. Although the World Cup leader has lost valuable points due to Lewis Hamilton’s collision at Copse Corner, there are more. Christian Horner, his supporters, and the financial puzzle that he has to solve is now much more difficult. What about the engine? analyses.

Verstappen felt Lewis Hamilton’s left rear wheel hitting his RB16B and was sent racing towards the tire stack. Verstappen was released from the accident scene with a 51G blow. The hospital scan showed that there were no fractures. Although Verstappen felt lightheaded, he still has a sore shoulder and bruises from the accident. A serious accident can still be fatal, despite all the pictures and moaning on the radio, Verstappen’s World Cup injuries are also very serious. There are only 8 pieces remaining from the 33-point lead. It was a wonderful Sunday afternoon.

It is frustrating to have to balance your financial accounts

Those words can also be used in the literalst possible sense. Red Bull Racing has yet to officially issue a cost indication. It is too early to see the final picture, but it can be seen. This is especially true when we consider the memorable race in Imola. George Russell was in close contact with Valtteri bottas. Mercedes was then open to the idea. Motorsport.comThe car cost for Verstappen’s must have been estimated at 1.4million dollars. Red Bull cannot be cheaper if anyone takes a look inside Verstappen’s car, or at least what remains of it. First estimates are based on Verstappen’s car being damaged by 750,000 euros. However, that number could increase.

The reality of 2021 is quite different from the past years. While top teams haven’t taken excessive care in recent times, it has been a stark contrast to what we see today. Budget ceilings are a challenge for teams. The maximum amount that can be spent this year is $145 million. These teams must not only develop and run the cars this year, but also create the next car. It is a complicated puzzle for teams that have worked in multiples of this amount over the years. Toto Wolff, the head of Toto Wolff’s budget department, stated to the media at the start of this year that it was difficult to break the budget ceiling at the conclusion of the ride. When that happens, it is no longer possible to talk about a margin in excess of hundreds of thousands, but at most tens or thousands of dollar.

Many teams, including Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull, have had to change their workforce due to the small margins. While employees have been accommodated in non F1 projects when possible, certain team members have had to leave. “It was hard to say goodbye people who had been working with us for 25+ years. Christian Horner adds that we had to reduce our workforce because we couldn’t afford it any other way. Manufacturing teams must consider the financial sword that is hanging over them when making parts. The responsible people claim that less stock is produced and that this is because there is less demand. The Abu Dhabi GP is a great example of teams wanting to ensure that they don’t have ten unused front wings, or suspension parts on a shelf. Each euro, dollar, or pound is rotated at least three more times to ensure that limited resources are used in the most efficient way.

Formula 1 has become a choice of scarcity. Because every euro that goes towards this year’s car will not go to the one without the ground effect, The trees aren’t growing into the sky anymore. This is the main reason Mercedes said Silverstone’s upgrades were the most recent innovations for the W12. Red Bull is committed to continuing development, and Red Bull will do so for longer. This makes it more difficult to balance financial costs. A crash that results in more than one million dollars in losses has consequences, it is obvious. Andrew Shovlin, a Mercedes driver, stated after the Bottas crash that “the budget cap” is an important element in such crashes. The money to repair the damage must come from somewhere. The money needed to repair the damage is therefore less. ” Red Bull is in the exact same boat after the Silverstone disaster. Although the team did receive a substantial amount of money from F1 and teams for Sergio Perez’s defeat in the sprint race, it is far less than Sunday’s damages.

Is the Honda engine still available for use in the remaining season?

Red Bull’s financial team will have to get out their calculators once more and critically examine the original plans. Another factor is the fact that Honda’s engine is still in a very uncertain condition. Honda sends the Japanese copy back to Japan in order to determine if the power source can be used for the remainder of the season. “When I first saw the photos of the car being lifted I thought there was significant damage to its engine. The damage appears to be much less than originally thought. But it is impossible to assess the extent of the damage. determined properly while the engine is still in the car, so we would like to return the engine to Sakura before making a final decision,” said Toyoharu Tanabe.

Some components, or all of them, may be returned to the pool so they can be used again (on Friday). However, an additional line cannot be excluded from the bill. If one of six major components is unusable, the bill will write off the part that has not reached its full lifetime. It doesn’t make a difference in terms of cost because motor costs don’t (yet!) fall below the budget ceiling. However, this is tied with a view towards a possible grid penal. Verstappen will have to search for replacement parts earlier than expected, which can be costly in the final season. In an exciting title fight, a grid penalty would be particularly unfavorable. Beyond the obvious, the crash can be devastating in two ways. First, it impacts financial plans. Secondly, it causes damage to Honda’s engine. Red Bull has no recourse and can’t do anything to change either aspect. It is the irritating by-catch of a already lost Sunday.

Video: Tom Coronel talks about the British GP incident, and the implications for Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen’s title fight



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