The Associated Press reported that Trump did not hire the best lawyers to plead his case, such as those who in the past represented the Republican Party when the presidential election reached the Supreme Court. Moreover, Trump’s lawyers made elementary mistakes in an important lawsuit, namely that of a federal court in the state of Florida. The lead attorney was Rudy Giuliani, who repeatedly deviated from his argument to convince the judge that the complaint of hundreds of thousands of votes attributed to Joe Biden was legally supported, motivating coordinated efforts by Pennsylvania Democratic County election officials. , but also from states like Wisconsin, Michigan and Arizona for widespread electoral fraud.

An error that undermined the credibility of the appeal was also the modification of the initial complaint regarding the election observers in view of a new legal strategy that only aims to block the certification of the election results in order to gain time.

Giuliani relied on the argument of equal constitutional protection of all citizens regarding the right to vote and not on the usurpation of state-level legislation on remedying ballots with errors that he would keep for “appeal”, Daily Beast reported.

Rudy Giuliani has not pleaded in a federal trial since 1992. Legal experts have noted that in addition to errors such as confusing the names of judges, Giuliani did not appear to know the meaning of basic legal terms or terms from his own complaint. such as “opacity”.

“I have never seen a plaintiff in the field of elections handle a case at such an inappropriate level. The fact that a lawyer pleading in Pennsylvania’s most important trial would not understand what the standard of strict examination in a constitutional case means is mind-boggling, “said Rick Hasen, a law professor at the University of California.

“This kind of negligence shows the lack of seriousness with which these statements are presented before the Court,” he said.

Giuliani argued that between 680,000 and 1.2 million ballots would be illegal.

“As far as I’m concerned, Judge, it could be from Mickey Mouse.” Giuliani tried to draw parallels with fraud precedents by citing the manipulation of votes by the former Chicago mayor in the 1960 election won by John F. Kennedy.

Asked about the evidence, Giuliani allegedly confessed that he had no concrete evidence to present, but mentioned that the complaints about anti-COVID-19 restrictions that did not allow an adequate distance of observers were in fact accusations of a “planned fraud process. ”And that voting by mail is inherently fraudulent.

Giuliani’s arguments were also made in court in front of the public during a press conference that took place last Thursday and was attended by the spokesperson of the campaign, Jenna Ellis, but also the lawyer Sidney Powell, of whom in the meantime The campaign team resigned over allegations of computer fraud in Venezuela, as well as other incendiary allegations that it would blow up Georgia with its evidence.

“I can admit it is a crime. You can smell them. Or, you don’t have to smell it. I can prove it to you in 18 different ways, “Giuliani said.

According to the Washington Post, some members of Trump’s campaign did not consider the press conference a good idea, while other officials in Trump’s entourage called Giuliani’s efforts frivolous. Campaign officials acknowledged that they had a more comprehensive plan to fight strategically in different states, but that Giuliani convinced Trump that his advisers were misleading him.

Republican National Committee officials did not take part in organizing the event at one of its headquarters, preferring to stay away.

“It’s Giuliani’s show,” said a senior campaign official.

Giuliani was put in charge of the legal company contesting the results of the votes in several key states after a series of rejected trials and after the big law firms withdrew due to the very high pressures to which they were exposed by the liberal opponents of to Trump.

Sources from well-known companies who have also represented Trump in the appeals have expressed concern about forcing a legal strategy unsupported by solid evidence that would leave the impression of electoral fraud in their absence.

Another mistake would be that before an important hearing on which the fate of the Pennsylvania appeal depended, the lawyers withdrawn at their request in the case were partially replaced by Marc Scaringi, a lawyer with a small Pennsylvania law firm, who shortly after what was presented called for a postponement for the preparation of the argument.

Another noteworthy fact is that he was skeptical after Biden was victoriously projected that the disputes could overturn the fate of the Trump election.

An internal fight that some sources familiar with the incidents called “coups” has erupted behind the scenes between campaign officials, the legal team and a faction led by Giuliani and Jenna Ellis in the forefront of the legal campaign. contesting the elections.

Sources told ABC News that a “coup” was attempted to take command from election campaign leaders claiming they had received the green light from Trump.

Giuliani’s team reportedly moved to the campaign headquarters in Virginia, while Ellis, who had been warned earlier by White House advisers, began telling campaign members that they would report to her and that it was she and the decision-makers. Giuliani.

This angered both the campaign manager and chief strategist Jason Miller – the latter also confronted Ellis so that in the end they both threatened to call Trump.

Miller told ABC News that “unfortunately for the fake news media, there are no divisions between us. I have full confidence in Jena’s legal skills and as an effective spokesperson for the president. I’m looking forward to working together to deliver a victory for President Trump. “

Ellis, in turn, responded that the media’s priorities are gossip instead of giving them the opportunity to talk about ongoing litigation.

In his 37-page decision to dismiss the appeal, Judge Matthew Brann of Williamsport, Pennsylvania, stressed that the arguments have no legal basis and the allegations are speculative.
“This claim, like Frankenstein’s monster, was sewn at random,” wrote Brann, a Republican judge appointed by former President Barack Obama. Brann said Trump’s campaign team had asked him to “deprive about 7 million voters of their rights” and that he could not find any case in which a plaintiff “sought such a drastic remedy in contesting an election.”

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