Before you take a supplement for sports, it is important to know these facts

It is popular to take a supplement before exercising. A half-hour before you start training, one scoop of the magic powder is enough to give you extra energy and stamina. But what are those magic powders? Pre-workoutsWhat about your body? Can anyone use them?

The first Pre-workoutUltimate Orange, which was first introduced on the market during the eighties. It was initially not intended to be used as a weight loss aid. Ephedrine is a stimulant that makes you alerter and gives you more energy. You also have a higher risk of stroke, high blood pressure and heart attack.

Herman Ram (chairman of the Doping Authority) stated, “Ephedrine, caffeine, and stimulants are both stimulants. They reinforce one another and are dangerous together with aspirin.” “Aspirine is converted by the body to salicylic acid. This reduces the effects of pain stimuli and makes cells more sensitive for natural pep hormones like adrenaline and other substances that mimic the action adrenaline.

Since April 2004, ephedrine is now a subject to the Medicines Act. It can no longer sold as a supplement – it can only be prescribed.

Popular with bodybuilders

After this one Pre-workoutThe ‘NO boosters were created in 2000. These boosters were particularly popular with bodybuilders. This supplement increases muscle growth and helps the body to burn more sugar and fat faster. This is due to citrulline or arginine in the product. Your blood vessels temporarily expand due to this. Your muscles grow faster because nutrients are delivered quicker.

2005 saw the introduction of Pre-workoutJack3d went on the marketplace with the banned substance DMAA. The same effects as speed were experienced by this substance. This drug was linked to several deaths. pre-workoutProducts containing DMAA were also prohibited by the Doping Authority. Jack3d does not contain DMAA or any variants thereof. The 2014 edition of Jack3d included the following: Pre-workoutUnstoppable Dedicated nutrition banned due to a DMAA derivative called nor-DMAA.

Despite the prohibition, the substance is still allowed to be used. Pre-workoutIn recent years, the supplement has seen a resurgence in popularity. The supplement can be purchased online and is recommended by many sports influencers via Instagram (the ). Submitted USAIn 2019.

Caffeine is often the main ingredient

According to the chair of the Doping Authority (chair), caffeine is typically the main component of a supplement. For reinforcement, “Together with creatine or beta-alanine. Caffeine can be used as a stimulant. Creatine is a substance your body makes, and it is also available through food. It makes you exert less effort. Beta-alanine can also be converted into carnosine in your body, which counteracts the ‘acidification of your muscles.

“High doses of caffeine can make you tilt.”

Herman Ram, Chairman of the Doping Authority

Caffeine was listed on the doping lists until 2004. Ram explained that caffeine in high amounts can make it difficult to concentrate. “Creatine, beta-alanine and amino acids as well as vitamins are not included on this list. We have the Dutch Security System of Nutritional Supplements Top Sports (NZVT) database to help athletes and top-level athletes use safe, non-doping-contaminated supplement.

The doping list

DMAA (or-DMAA), nor-DMAA (or-DEPEA) are some of the dangerous substances on the doping watch list. Robert van Oosterom from the Haaglanden Medisch Centrum explains that DMAA can be considered an amphetamine. “It can cause side effects such as increased blood pressure, heart palpitations, aggression, muscle cramps, psychosis, stroke, and death.

The manufacturer is not following the rules when DMAA is added to pre-workout supplements, as it is a stimulant drug, according to the sports doctor. “DMAA can sometimes be processed in supplements under a different name, such as methylhexanamine or geranamine. All of these substances can be potentially harmful and are not considered safe. These substances should be avoided by top athletes, as they are on the prohibited list.

“Many amphetamine-like substances are old drug patents that have stalled at the experimental stage.”

Herman Ram, Chairman of the Doping Authority

“NN-alpha DEPEA” is an amphetamine-like compound that has been identified as being in the Pre-workoutRam says, “It was crazy.” Ram adds that many of these amphetamine-like drugs are old patents for drugs that were either kept in the experimental phase or removed from the market due to too many side effects.

Dark chocolate and coffee

Jonathan Seintje, personal trainer, uses a Pre-workout. He adds the powder to a large glass water and shakes it. Then he drinks it before he goes on to his workout. He says, “But not every day.” I only use it when I am really tired or have zero energy. Your body will get used to it if you use it every single day. It stops working.

Pre-workoutsPersonal trainers say that supplements are not meant to provide a major boost to your body. However, he stresses that you shouldn’t exceed the recommended dosage. Seintje says, “I will stick to one or two spoons. It just depends on what is on the package.” “I have never experienced side effects because I use the same amount every day. You can have side effects if you take more.

Van Oosterom, a sports doctor, advises top athletes, heart patients and people with high blood pressure to use Pre-workoutsYou are strong off

“Dark chocolate also contains epicatechin, a substance that improves your stamina.”

Jonathan Seintje is a personal trainer

Seintje, a personal coach, suggests that you could also have a hearty meal before your workout or even a cup of black tea and then eat an 85 percent dark chocolate bar. He explains that dark chocolate is rich in flavanols which are beneficial for the heart and blood vessels. “It also has epicatechin, which is a substance that increases your endurance. “Dark chocolate also contains antioxidants.”

A doping list has been created by the Doping Authority. Ram recommends that you consult Ram if you are unsure about a pre-workout or any ingredient in an a Pre-workoutAlways check the list.



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