Beauty by Graciele Lacerda draws the attention of Zezé Di Camargo in a photo. See comment!

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Graciele Lacerda drew the attention of Zezé Di Camargo this Tuesday (20th). To advertise a product on Instagram, the model chose a shoulder-to-shoulder jumpsuit. The short look highlighted the beauty of the fitness muse’s body. “New: Viva Beauty collagen has a new face and formula! What was good just got better. Our skin thanks you”, he wrote. Graciele’s fiance, Zezé praised the businesswoman’s production. “Looking like a teenager. She looks beautiful,” commented the sertanejo. Last weekend, Graciele bet on a dress with a plunging neckline for a walk with the singer, with whom she has already refreshed herself in the pool.

Model launches product line for fat reduction

Graciele realized herself professionally by becoming a businesswoman. Capixaba launched a line of aesthetic products aimed at reducing fat and increasing lean mass, energy and collagen. “I always told him (Zezé) that I wanted to work and do something. Despite being with him traveling all the time, I felt useless, I didn’t do anything … I don’t like to stand still. And I started doing everything to I tried to open a gym, try to do something in the journalistic area, I opened a YouTube channel, but then I moved to São Paulo and stopped … That’s why I say that Priscila gave me a gift. I couldn’t see, “he said in an interview.

Graciele Lacerda talks about her business side

The idea came in partnership with Priscila Palazzo, owner of an aesthetic clinic that Graciele attends. “I never thought of going that way, but things were happening and opportunities came up. People are very curious about me, about what I eat, what I do, how I work out. And today I’m working with it And this clinic was as follows, I started using her products as a client and she was giving me the positive feedback. Then, she invited me to give the name to my line. I never imagined that there was going to be a line of products with my name on it.

Zezé Di Camargo supports the bride’s work

According to Zezé, he is happy to see Graciele performed. “Of course, I really want her to work. Her vocation is to deal with this, health-related things, her body. That fitness side of her that she has always taken care of. In fact, it is something she likes a lot. When I stop to work, I will want to see my friends, travel, then, of course there will be a limit. But everything within what was agreed between us. When people find their professional side, their vocation, they have to expand this, grow. She needs to grow her side. Her story. I give the most support. But you can organize this. Set up the agenda together “, he said.

(By Patrícia Dias)


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