Beatriz Morillo is known in the world of athletics and is also one of the brave who Fight against breast cancer. After ending the confinement, the Madrid runner, who beat the Guinness record half marathon and 10 km with a stroller of two children, it was diagnosed with this disease, of which it has been operated recently.

The athlete and coach recounts in the first person how they postponed her lannual test that takes place from the age of 18 by the outbreak of the pandemic. It was due in April but the appointment was canceled and it was not done until August.

It was then that “thanks to that mammogram they saw some suspicious microcalcifications that were not in the previous year They have diagnosed me on time, thanks to that they have told me that I am on time and it has been a very great luck, “he explains.

Prevention is one of her main tips for all women, since “it is super important and can save lives. I have been undergoing tests since I was 18. I know the disease from a very close relative, who is my mother. She suffered from breast cancer 26 years ago and currently he has overcome it and I have lived it very closely. They told me that I should perform a breast ultrasound annually up to age 35 and from that age an annual mammogram with an ultrasound as well, as a complement to the other test “.

“I’m on time”

His speed when it comes to requesting the missed appointment in April can be key, since “thanks to that mammogram I have been diagnosed in time. Thanks to that they have told me that i’m on time and it has been a very great luck “.

When she was diagnosed with breast cancer “the first thing that crossed my mind were my children. I have two boys 3 and 5 years old And right now the most important thing is them, I am a little worried the day of the operation, that they are well, that they do not miss me, the not being able to hug them for a while… that’s what came to me the moment they told me I should have a mastectomy. “

In any case Morillo gives off optimism on all four sides, which even surprised the medical staff in the preoperative period: “The anesthetist told me that she did not understand how I was doing with so much positivity and with that joy. I told her that the sooner it happens, the better. In the end, it is a disease that affects millions of women, None of us are exempt and sooner or later I was really expecting it. Having lived it since I was little with my mother, it is something like you think about it every year and you think that one day it will appear, but I didn’t expect it to be 38 years old. “

“That is not extended”

His way of approaching the situation does not mean that he did not feel certain “fears”, such as “that it is not widespread”, but celebrates “that I have been lucky” for the rapid detection of cancer. Upon receiving the news “I got in touch with a doctor who is also the founder of ‘Run in Pink‘, with Ramiro Matamoros, who was my coach for many years. They do a great job for women with breast cancer … they have a training group that helps them sheath them that positivism, that strength to fight against the disease through athletics and the truth is that she, having gone through the disease as well, has given me a lot of tranquility “.

Beatriz sends advice to those who fight the disease: “Breast cancer is cured, I have lived it with my mother and you have to be positive and face the disease as something natural. There are many people who are in a hurry to talk about cancer or say the word cancer, but you have to call things by name. It is an obstacle in life and I think that you have to give thanks because it is chest, that thank God today is well studied, very advanced, and I I’m going to be lucky that my mother didn’t have 26 years ago. She is practically mutilated … today with all the techniques and all the advances I am practically going to to return to being a normal and complete womanI think you have to be positive, think about the good and nothing, if they leave me better, then better too “.