Beatrice Egli goes to “Sing my song”

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The hit news of the day in the GALA ticker: Beatrice Egli goes to “Sing my Song” +++ Roland Kaiser has great news +++ Michelle: What does Helene Fischer think of it?

Schlager 2020: All information and news about your hit stars

October 2nd

Beatrice Egli goes to “Sing my song”

Beatrice Egli, 32, is overjoyed! The singer has achieved what many dream of – got a place in the coveted music show “Sing my Song”. In the hit show, musicians reinterpret their colleagues’ hits. In Germany, the seventh season was already running this year, in Switzerland the second season is now on and Beatrice Egli lets her fans know about this news on Instagram.

“I’m so happy to finally be able to announce that I’m a part of Sing my song!”, The DSDS winner writes about a photo she shows with her colleagues. And adds: “I’m really looking forward to taking you on a musical, emotional journey”.

This news hit the fans like a bomb. “Beatrice, how great my anticipation is, huge !!”, commented an Instagram user on the post. Numerous followers join. “I’m excited and looking forward to the musical journey” and “How cool is that, so great” some rave about. We are very happy for the likeable Swiss woman and wish Beatrice Egli a wonderful musical and emotional journey.

Roland Kaiser: There is great news

Germany will celebrate 30 years of reunification on October 3, 2020. On this occasion, an ecumenical church service followed by a ceremony will take place in the capital of Brandenburg, Potsdam. Actress and singer Anna Loos invites you to the Metropolishalle at the Babelsberg Film Park – and none other than hit star Roland Kaiser will provide musical entertainment on this evening.

In addition to official guests from politics and society as well as many invited volunteers, Roland Kaiser, the Babelsberg Film Orchestra, Anna Loos, Mark Forster and the band Mia will review the last 30 years together with selected viewers. Due to the corona pandemic, not as many guests can be accommodated in the hall this year as originally planned. The fans of Roland Kaiser will still be happy about this performance.

October 1

Michelle announces news! What does Helene Fischer think of it?

Little personal information on Instagram, hardly any TV appearances: Michelle, 48, has made herself pretty rare this year. But now the pop singer is back! The “Who Lives Love” interpreter probably used the Corona period as a creative phase. Because now there is finally news from the triple mom and they give an idea of ​​great things: Michelle is releasing a new single!

The song titled “Gone Over” will be released on October 2nd and is a real surprise. The pop singer has reinvented herself with a completely new team. And there is probably someone who is not entirely responsible for that: Creative Director Cale Kalay. The 34-year-old worked with Helene Fischer, 36, for ten years until 2019, and was responsible for the choreography of her epoch-making “color game” tour. Does Michelle want to compete with the Schlagerqueen now?

Not only Helene’s ex-choreographer was involved in Michelle’s new project, there is another amazing detail: Star photographer Anelia Janeva – the ex-girlfriend of Helene’s partner Thomas Seitel – photographs Michelle in front of the camera for her new album. It is quite possible that the new album will be Michelle’s big attack on the Schlager throne …

30. September

Jeanette Biedermann: Sad family secret

With this news, Jeanette Biedermann, 40, moves to tears! In the ZDF program “Volle Kanne” the singer tells the sad story of her brother Dennis, who was born as a premature baby four years before her. “It was so that he was in the hospital in an incubator. He was on a great path. So it was basically the case that he could have been released soon,” said the Berliner. The baby regained its strength and could have left the hospital with its parents after three months.

But something terrible happened. “Then they called my parents and said: ‘Unfortunately your son has passed away. You are not allowed to see him anymore and you are not allowed to bury him either. You are still young enough, just make a new child.’ And my parents have basically never seen their child again and don’t know what happened to it, “says Jeanette Biedermann, describing the terrible experience.

The puzzling family drama is not an isolated case: Often children of system-critical parents from hospitals in the GDR were given to system-loyal families for adoption. It is important to the former GZSZ star to go public with the mysterious circumstances in the GDR. The 40-year-old explains: “There are a lot of people who feel the same way. And I always think that addressing such things is also important for people who feel the same way, because it also gives courage to others who have experienced this . ”

ZDF shows special edition of the “Helene Fischer Show”

It’s a drama for all Schlager fans! Every year Helene Fischer, 36, inspires viewers with her Christmas show. Due to the corona pandemic, the “Helene Fischer Show” cannot take place this year. The pop queen is infinitely sad, she tells BILD, “that this is the first time I am not live on stage and cannot pursue my passion – to entertain”. But she and the broadcaster ZDF don’t want to completely disappoint the fans and have found an alternative. On December 25th, a compilation of Helene’s previous nine holiday shows will be shown. “That’s why I found it all the more exciting to put together a special edition that has never existed in this form before, maybe even with more highlights than in any other edition before,” enthuses Helene Fischer. Fans can still look forward to a “reunion” with the singer.

What can the viewer expect? “Impressive performances by many national and international guest stars, spectacular acrobatics and of course a lot of music,” ZDF announced in a press release. The original plan was to record the tenth edition of the “Helene Fischer Show” in front of a live audience in the Düsseldorf exhibition center, but the ongoing corona restrictions do not allow this. The 180-minute program “The Helene Fischer Show – My Most Beautiful Moments” will be broadcast on Friday, December 25, 2020 at 8:15 pm on ZDF.

29. September

Helene Fischer has to cancel her Christmas show due to the corona pandemic

Helene Fischer, 36, inspires her fans not only at concerts and tours, but above all on a special festival day. Her Christmas show has become legendary – the stage design, the guests and the dance performances of the “breathless” singer take the audience’s breath away. Tickets sell out months in advance. But this year Schlager fans have to celebrate Christmas without the show. A reason for Helene Fischer to make a rare statement. Beauty change Helene Fischer

The ex-girlfriend of Florian Silbermeisten, 39, commented on the canceled show opposite “Bild”. “I am infinitely sad that for the first time I cannot be on stage live and that I cannot pursue my passion – to entertain.”

28. September

Stefan Mross + Anna-Carina Woitschack have surprising news

Even if Christmas is still a few months away, Stefan Mross, 44, and his wife Anna-Carina Woitschack, 27, insisted on giving their fans an early Christmas present. The pop singer announced on his Instagram page: “I promised that we would work on a series of concerts. My team and I have made it this far and we can tell you all the places in advance today,” the couple reveals on Instagram.

“We present you LIVE with the most beautiful Christmas carols and hits with” ABSTAND “, he lets his fans know on the social media channel.

The followers can hardly believe their luck. “I’m so happy,” one writes euphorically. “Wonderful, very good program” thinks another. The Christmas anticipation increases!

Kerstin Ott has relapsed in the fight against her addiction

Kerstin Ott, 38, was in good spirits: “I’ve often failed to finally quit this stupid smoking. And yet every new attempt is worth it,” she told her fans on Instagram five days ago. On day three, the pop singer had a little hangover: “As expected, Mission Rauchfrei is really difficult and annoying,” she comments on her contribution.

And now the Berliner has given up completely for the time being: “Small relapse”, writes Kerstin Ott in her story. The 38-year-old has become weak. Anyone who has ever wanted to quit smoking will know exactly how hard it must have been for the singer to stand her ground.

The setback doesn’t stop Kerstin Ott from trying again. “Tomorrow I’ll start again,” says the “rainbow colors” interpreter, motivated on Instagram.

Her fans have her back. “Stay strong”, “hold out” and “It will soon be easier”, they comment in large numbers on the popular social media platform. Wife Karolina Köppen is also moving along. We keep our fingers crossed for both of them that the fight against the glow sticks is finally successful!

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