Inattention to the wheel and distractions continue to be one of the leading causes of traffic accidents. And one of the main reasons that cause distracted driving is confidence: When drivers get used to taking the same route almost daily, they lower their guard while driving. This attitude is dangerous since it reduces the ability to react in the event of any unforeseen event that puts road safety at risk.

The DGT will monitor vans due to the increase in their involvement in traffic accidents

According to data from ALD Automotive, most road incidents occur on short trips. In this type of journey, drivers have not had to prepare for a trip, they are not so aware of the risk of sitting behind the wheel, they tend to drive on urban or secondary roads that they know well and, therefore, They tend to relax the necessary security measures and attention.

These trips are usually to go to and from work, run errands or take the children to school and they are precisely those that accumulate more danger for all occupants. ALD Automotive has developed a series of recommendations to maintain road safety also on this type of journey:

  • Seat belt. You must always fasten your seat belt, no matter how brief the journey and no matter how little traffic.
  • Safety seats. In the same way as adult occupants, children must be properly tied up with their harnesses, attachment points or belts. The little ones must go backwards.
  • Speed ​​limits and safety distance. It is very important to respect the speed limits, especially on urban roads and in the entrance and exit areas of schools, where pedestrians may appear on the road at any time. In addition, you have to keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front because you may need to slam on the brakes for any unforeseen event.
  • Route planning. Although they are usually well known routes, it is advisable to take a look at the traffic situation in real time in order to avoid possible traffic jams or any mishap. In this way, an alternative route can be planned.