We are going through a time where Internet is ours best ally. The healthy distance and the recommendation to stay at home made that now, more than ever, have a Connection became essential to continue with our professional or educational work.

But now having an internet service will become more expensive, due to the approval that took place in the Chamber of Deputies, related to the increased cost of using the Radioelectric spectrum.

The approval was part of the proposed reform of Federal Law of Rights for him economic package 2021, and for that reason it has already been referred to the Senate of the Republic for analysis and discussion.

One of the fundamental points of the proposal is the modification to the article 244-G, related to the aforementioned fees for the use of the radio spectrum.

Although it seems that it is an issue that only impacts bidders and suppliers of Internet services and cell phone, the truth is that the final user it is who will surely have to cover this increase.

In accordance with The Economist, Own Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT) had already spoken out against these modifications, pointing out that it would inhibit the entry of new competitors by having to pay high amounts each annuity.

Cited by Millennium, Isabel Margarita Guerra, president of the Radio and Television Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, said that the proposed reform of the law increases the cost of the rights that exist for the use of the spectrum, a situation that it will end up impacting the end user.

The PAN deputy retweeted a publication of her party in which it is mentioned that the increase in the radio spectrum will reduce the possibility to bring coverage to communities without mobile service and without internet access.

The reform proposal was approved with 287 votes in favor, 136 against and six abstentions, in general and in particular.