Lawyer Sini, who participated in the Big Brother reality TV show, has been sidelined from the law firm where he worked.

First of all reported by Seiskawho received the press release.

The law firm has been set up by her husband, who filed for divorce from his wife. The issue was covered earlier this week.

Iltalehti also received the press release later.

– Our office has gone public due to our employee’s participation in the TV series. The situation is unfortunate for our office.

– However, the law firm Liljeqvist will continue to operate as normal. Our customers can be confident that they will continue to receive expert and reliable service.

– Our lawyer Sini Liljeqvist is currently on the sidelines and does not participate in the daily work of the office. Neither Sini nor our office representatives commented on this further. We ask for peace of mind for all parties and in particular we hope the media respects the privacy of our loved ones and employees, the press release said.

When it became clear to BB Production that Sin’s man was filing for divorce, he was removed from the house.

The company’s website still has Sini with contact information. Her cell phone number was no longer answered by Sini, but by a woman on the office staff.

– You can’t catch that number anymore, he said.

No marriage condition

According to the Trade Register, the law firm of Sin and her future ex-husband was established on March 3, 2009.

Even then, they were not married, and Sini was not on the payroll of the office.

The company’s website says Sini joined the firm in January 2018. A year ago, Sini became a silent partner and procurator for the company.

It could be concluded from the company’s website that the law firm’s operations are quite extensive, the company has offices in both Pori and Tampere.

There is no financial statement information reported in the Trade Register for a limited partnership.

Blue and his divorce lawyer have no marriage condition.