Now was expelled from the Big Brother program in the fourth. In the past, the program has been sent home Tiia, Minna and Nobody. Here left the house of his own free will. The fall of Sasa was accompanied by unexpected drama, as he actively enjoyed his company Joel gave him two eviction points.

– Came from the bush. Yes my chin popped open when I heard (of the eviction). I’m not mad at him. Poorly cared for on his own, but also for him. Communication could have solved a great deal. Why didn’t he say it directly?

Sasa believes the situation would have gone differently if Joel had had his mouth open. Joel has seen the only option to vote for Sasa out of the house. Sasa believes that a discussion on the subject would have prevented her from ending up in the eviction vote.

– I’m along for this trip asked him numerous times that haunted and Switching to a sleeping place. And it has always come from there that it is nice to sleep together. I feel like he hasn’t just gotten said. The mug has just come full and spilled over, Sasa describes.

Sasa hopes that her friendship with Joel will be maintained outside the house as well. Sasa could imagine inviting Joel and Artu to Turku. He could also imagine going to Jyväskylä for a beer with Joel, as long as this one is released from the Big Brother house.

– I hope I could forget such härdels and continue quite normally without any anxiety. That’s what I think.

Towards something new

Big Brother was remembered as a nice experience, Sasa says the day after the eviction vote.

– At the moment, the feeling is good. The first foolish feeling has begun to ease, happy Sasa tells Iltalehti.

In the house, he especially misses his own loved ones.

– Even though there were absolutely wonderful people around, somehow there he realized that his own friends and family are the best in the world, Sasa sums up the experience.

He calls being without music the most challenging in the house. He would have liked to have sung whenever a good song came to mind, but unfortunately could not do so, as singing is a prohibited activity in the house.

– Whatever someone said, a song came to mind and made me want to sing, Sasa says now.

Sasa liked the tasks performed in the house. In particular, the acting task on Sunday and the swimming week task were remembered as positive experiences. Making a podcast was also fun for Sasa, and she reveals to Iltalehti that she dreams of working as a radio presenter.

Even the boring house had time to come.

– Lots of waiting. I’m used to the fact that around the place terribly, Sasa explains.

After the Big Brother shots, Sasa heads to Turku for her loved ones. The purpose is to sleep and meet friends. My own bed is especially attractive, although Sasa reveals that she slept surprisingly well in the filming.

The future is still open in many respects, as Sasa does not yet know exactly what his next steps are. It has been expressed from the old workplace that you can come back. A young and surprising young woman is also interested.

– It is also very interesting to see if new doors open. It would be really cool to be able to make a dune in the media industry, for example, on the other side of the limelight.

Sasa has already got her phone back. The number of messages was completely surprising. Specially On Instagram has become posts and comments completely unknown.

– Quite incomprehensible! The people are wonderful. I will answer everyone, Sasa plans.

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