The Big Brother House was lined up on Saturday night by Kata-led pet lecherry.

Kati said that she followed the co-residents with an undercover detective. He thought Minna had been clearly interested in Artus, and the idea had been tested with Sin – how Minna would react when Sin boiled next to Artu.

So the women deliberately staged a provocative situation, and ended up playing with Minna’s possible feelings.

In the end, Kati suffered from such a strong conscience that she could not be put to sleep at night. In the morning, he vented his feelings to Minna and tried to explain things to herself in the best way possible.

– I couldn’t sleep at all, I was just wondering, Kati began.

– I said when I left here for the house, the last thing I want to do is insult someone, Kati apologized.

“So there’s nothing to worry about,” Minna reassured Katia.

Minna worried about Artus

Minna also wondered if Sini would have told her that the excitement with Artu was intentional if she had not been nominated for the eviction vote. It turns out that Sini and Kati had talked to each other about the topic, and Kati had promised to take the matter up.

Minna was also worried that Arttu knew nothing about the rapture.

– Not where we’re going, but what his mood is. I have been a complete outsider, but Arttuhan has been the object of excitement, Minna explained.

Kati seems to be in deep water after the situation escalates.

– I should not have kept my findings as my own information.

Viewers: Smoothed image

The program is published clip Big Brother on Facebook. BB’s 24/7 viewers criticized the clip.

– Just fucked up! Buu !!! This is not clear at all from Minna’s resentment and the malice of Sin and Ella.

– Tame the text when you have seen the situation, Minna’s nausea and the roar of others’ laughter. By the way, Arttu knew from the beginning what the name of the job was.

– The text now got a pretty smooth picture of the situation. I saw that conversation in the evening and I had a really bad mood for Minna. Maybe Kati’s intention wasn’t malicious at first, but due to Sin’s outrageous behavior, the other Akas also got involved in bullying.

– No matter what kind of gang has been on BB over the years, yes, Sin’s malice is second to none. I think that the Blue-and also Sasa, Ella and Kati joutais next week directly to the eviction vote. This kind of bullying must not be looked through the fingers!

– Let’s pride Pride and human rights and get hidden shit and grind shit behind the back of the believer. Great production, one of the viewers reduces the situation.