Big Brother had as many as five residents in the eviction vote on Sunday, i.e. Roope, Alone, Kristiina, Nobody and Marko.

Niko, who had to leave the house, received the least number of audience votes. The result of the vote did not please Arttu, who had only met Niko last week. Niko when there were originally cottagers and Arttu a peasant.

“First of all, a good guy gets to the eviction vote and then some shit sack votes it out,” Arttu roared to Joel in the yard after the eviction.

-It was smart and had entertainment value. Some shit bag votes it out, Arttu continued his meso as Joel followed.

They both thought anyone else in the vote would have gotten out of the house sooner than Niko.

-What moves in people’s heads, that is, here and in the outside world, Arttu grumbled and named the audience with very sub-stylistic names.

– Yes, it understands who is watching this kind of shit – pellet, 26-year-old Arttu raged.

Big Brother yesterday’s Sunday broadcast had an average audience of 330,000 viewers. The program was Nelonen’s third most watched.

Three residents have been evicted from the house. Big Brother was the first to leave Tiia, after that it was the departure turn Minna and now yesterday Niko.

Sini voluntarily left the house after her husband filed for divorce.