“Bayern Munich will always remain my home,” said Thiago Alcántara in his emotional farewell to the Champions League champion.

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After seven years, the former Barcelona said goodbye to the last winner of the European Champions League with an emotional video. “Here I have learned to love a tradition,” said the excellent Spanish midfielder.

The European market began to move strongly and in the last hours gave away some very outstanding passes. For example, that of Thiago Alcántara to Liverpool. And as expected, after seven years at the Teutón club {on, the Spanish midfielder, dismissed with a very heartfelt video of Bayern Munich. “My decision has been a sports decision. As a player I want to take on new challenges and continue to evolve. Bayern will always remain my home “, explained the former FC Barcelona midfielder in the message

“I am proud to have arrived as a young man full of dreams and to leave now full of a club like this, its history and its culture. Here I have learned to love a tradition that I now say goodbye to, but that I will never forget “, Thiago valued in the emotional farewell message. And he didn’t forget to say “My san my”, the club’s motto which, in Bavarian dialect, means “we are us”.

Hans Dieter-Flick, coach of the champion of the last Champions League, did not miss the opportunity to greet him at the press conference. “Thiago is an exceptional player who has been very successful here for seven years. He is a great person and an extraordinary professional. Everything was very emotional this Friday when he said goodbye “, said DT.

Although the amount can be considered “discreet” for this class of players, it is undoubtedly the most important pass in this European market due to the football quality of the protagonist in question. After seven seasons and having won the last Champions League, Thiago Alcántara leaves Bayern Munich to be a new player for English Liverpool, under the command of the German Jurgen Klopp.

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, General Manager of the Bavarian team, had confirmed that the move to the Reds it was realized in 30 million euros. It is worth noting that the Munich team tried to renew the link to the midfielder, who was released in June 2021. However, the Spaniard is looking for new horizons and He decided to make the leap to the Premier League, where he signed a contract until 2024.



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