On Monday, many Bassoradio listeners were startled when a completely new radio channel Suomiräp began to be heard on the frequency of the channel that had been operating since 2004. Basson was thought to be completely dead, and several “RIP” posts were published on social media.

However, the belief was premature. Bauer Media confirmed today that the disappearance was only temporary. The bass creates its skin and returns to frequencies at the end of September. The new Basso will start operations on the last day of September. The channel focuses on serving rap, hip hop and R&B. At the same time, the coverage area is expanding nationwide.

However, not everything will be renewed, but, for example, the former Basso’s ever-favorite afternoon program Hikinen Afternoon will also continue on the new channel.

– The construction of the content is still a bit in progress, but we are developing Basso’s living room concept and we are currently considering what other special programs will be for the new channel. I think the new Bass will be an interesting entity. Focusing on these selected music genres and combining them in a versatile way will help more listeners find and enjoy the channel, says Bauer Media CEO Sami Tenkanen.