Basketball Cup: Easy qualification for Larissa NBA

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Larissa achieved an easy victory with 92-70 over Charilaos Trikoupis in the second phase of the Greek Cup and qualified for the next round of the tournament.

Thessaly turned the game into a show for a role, as they had a very good performance on the floor. Specifically, they closed the first ten minutes with their advantage 34-14 and were ahead at halftime with 58-37.

Linos Gabriel’s team was excellent offensively, while all the players who took part time scored. In fact, the percentage of three-pointers was 15/32.

Top scorer of Thessaly was James Webb who finished the game with 21 points (7/12 shots), 6 rebounds and 2 assists.

Now Larissa is waiting for its opponent in the next phase. This will be the winner of the PAOK-Panionios pair with the match taking place next Saturday (3/10).

The quarters: 34-14, 58-37, 77-53, 92-70

LARISSA (Gabriel): Brown 16, Goodwin 7, Web 21, Kottas 6, Smith 7, Kamaras 2, Kamberidis 9, Mourtos 6, Roy 8, Spyropoulos 3, Papadakis 7

CHARILAOS TRIKOUPIS (Kalampakos): Cockfield 8, Green 6, Naoumis, Sachpatzidis 9, Motsenigos 4, Hatzinikolas 14, Gravas 6, Amardi 2, Brown 8, Matis 13


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