Basic makeup: catwalk tricks to copy in season!

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Basic makeup doesn’t have to be dull! On the contrary: often, to achieve a more natural result, it is necessary to use the right products and know the tricks that leave the skin with that effortless healthy look. Want to know what they are? Check out the tips and inspirations coming directly from Paris Fashion Week!

Focus on the skin: keep skincare up to date!

For a basic and more minimalist makeup, it is necessary to pay special attention to the skin. That’s because, with skincare up to date, you won’t have to keep adding layers and layers of products to correct or disguise certain areas of skin. So, take care in your care, preferably in the morning and at night, and don’t forget to always apply sunscreen!

The foundation can be smoother, suitable for your skin tone

At the Paris Fashion Week shows, the models appeared with very little base and, when used, the product was applied very smoothly to the skin. For spring / summer season, it is worth using liquid bases or in the BB Cream version, which is usually lighter. For women with black skin, finding the perfect base tone is the order not to have a marked and gray skin.

Bet on the illuminator at strategic points

A very common trick to enhance the beauty of models on the catwalks is to invest in the illuminator. To make the effect more subtle and natural, the tip is to pass the product on strategic points of the face, such as temples, top of the nose and upper lip. If the idea is to bring a glow effect to the entire skin, it is worth mixing a little illuminator in its base and applying it evenly.

Color dots highlight basic makeup

Doing basic makeup does not have to be restricted to neutral tones. You can also invest in color dots to enhance production. If you like to highlight your eyes, the models used a lot of smoky eyeshadow right at the root of the upper and lower lashes, with stronger or softer colors. If you’re a fan of lipstick, red never goes out of style. Pink is also an alternative for wanting to give a soft up in basic makeup.

(By Marina Couto)


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