Basic Characters Animations Pack

“I need to purchase a basic characters animations pack for my upcoming project. The pack should have a variety of character designs and fluid animation movements.”

Presentation Basic Characters Animations Pack: A Fun and Easy Way to Add Life to Your Videos

If you’re looking for a way to make your videos more engaging, then the Presentation Basic Characters Animations Pack might be just what you need. This pack contains 30 basic icon character animations that are fully customizable and editable, making it easy for you to create your own unique story.

The pack is available from CS6 all the way up through CC2021 Professional, so no matter which version of Adobe software you use, this pack will work for you. And with its well-organized design and easy-to-use features, even beginners can create professional-looking videos in no time.

What’s included in the Presentation Basic Characters Animations Pack?

This animation pack comes with everything that video creators need to add life and personality into their projects:

– 30 basic icon character animations
– Preview of each animation
– 20 text reveals
– Nine original scenes
– One logo reveal
– The ability adjust colors
-A help file PDF

All these elements come together seamlessly allowing users complete control over every aspect of their project.

How do I customize my animations?

One great thing about this presentation package is how easily it can be customized. With just a few clicks on your keyboard or mouse button (depending on preference), color changes can be made while maintaining visual continuity throughout every scene.

Furthermore adjusting color has never been easier as users have full control over hue saturation lightness (HSL) values within an intuitive interface designed specifically with newcomers in mind!

Where Can I Find Music & Fonts To Use With My Project?

Included within our package we provide links where one may find suitable music tracks as well as fonts compatible with our designs – such options include “A Brighter Day” by metrolightmusic which perfectly complements any upbeat video content! We also recommend using “Amatic” or “Androgyne”, two popular font choices amongst designers today!


In conclusion if looking for ways increase engagement rates among viewers look no further than at The Presentation Basic Character Animation Package! This tool provides everything needed when creating dynamic presentations quickly without sacrificing quality nor creativity thanks largely due its plethora customizable tools featured alongside both intuitive menus enabling ease-of-use regardless prior experience level – contact us today if interested learning more about increasing engagement rates via stunning visuals!

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