Baseball in the US: an investigation is opened against the player who celebrated with his teammates although he had coronavirus

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Justin Turner was withdrawn in the middle of the game when the result of his test was known. Despite the request of the authorities, at the end of the game against Tampa Bay he joined his teammates from the Dodgers to celebrate the title.

Los Angeles continues to celebrate the coronation of the Dodgers, who closed their World Series victory 4-2 on Tuesday against Tampa Bay Rays and cut a 32-year drought without titles in the Major League Baseball from the United States. But amid the joy, disturbing news appeared for the Californian team. The MLB announced that it has opened an investigation into the actions of Justin Turner, third baseman of the champion, who had to leave the field in the middle of the game after learning that he had tested positive for coronavirus, but still returned after the game to celebrate with his teammates.

“Immediately after receiving the information about the positive, the protocols were activated and Justin Turner was removed from the game. The player was placed in isolation so as not to risk the people around him. However, after the victory of the Dodgers, he remained Of course, Turner chose to ignore the agreed joint protocols and the instructions they gave him regarding the safety and security of others. Although the desire to celebrate is understandable, Turner’s decision to leave isolation and enter the field was incorrect and put everyone he came in contact with at risk“explained MLB in a statement.

He added: “When MLB security personnel raised the issue of being on the field, Turner emphatically refused to follow directions.”

League authorities reported that the Commissioner’s Office “is initiating an investigation into this matter and will consult with the Players Association on the parameters of the 2020 Operations Manual that was jointly established.”

Turner, like his teammates and rivals, had been tested 24 hours before the sixth game of the World Series. As the result of his test was not conclusive, it was repeated on Tuesday morning, hours before the game, but the information from the laboratory, which confirmed that the player had been infected, arrived when the match had already started.

The 35-year-old third baseman was removed from the field in the seventh inning and took refuge in the locker room. At the time there were no explanations. It seemed like an ordinary change. But the reason was known in the end, when almost everything was joy.

“We found out during the game that he had tested positive. He was immediately isolated to prevent infections,” he confirmed Rob Manfred, MLB commissioner, who hours earlier had announced losses of almost $ 3 billion as a result of the pandemic.

But despite MLB recommendations and directions, Turner left the locker room after his team sealed the 3-1 victory and won the decisive series 4-2. Wearing a mask, he greeted and hugged his companions. And later he even took off his mask to pose for photos with the trophy, lying on the ground, surrounded by the rest of the team,

“All I knew was that I had to take him out in the seventh inning, crazy, his test had come back positive. Right now he’s behind me, he came to take his picture with the team. I didn’t touch him. It was very crazy.” commented Dave Roberts, manager of the Dodgers.

And although the chain cameras Fox caught him greeting his teammates, Turner himself commented on Twitter: “Thank you all for taking interest! I feel great, no symptoms. I just experienced every emotion you can imagine. I can’t believe I couldn’t be out there to celebrate with the guys! I’m proud of this team and incredibly happy for the city of Los Angeles. “

After the game, MLB announced that new nasal tests had been performed on all members of the two teams. And this Wednesday, he confirmed that both the members of the Dodgers and the Rays had been authorized to return to their cities.



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