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Immersed already fully in the second hello from covid-19 in Europe, the bares are back in the point of view already feel the slab of restrictions. Some governments, in their arduous tug of war between controlling the pandemic and guaranteeing economic activity, consider that, given the increase in cases, citizens may well dispense with drinks, although businessmen, terrified, put their hands to their heads . There is no unanimity in all of Europe But patterns do recur that go through, firstly, restricting the hours of bars and then opting for total closure.

Tore Paris, on September 28, with the obligation of bars to close at 22.00 hours. But the hit came on October 5 when pubs and taverns the blinds were lowered for two weeks by decision of the City Council of the French capital. The restaurants are exempt from the restriction. Marsella, especially plagued by contagions, closed tight for two weeks. The list of French cities with closed bars is growing steadily: Grenoble, Lille, Lyon, Toulouse, Montpellier and Saint-Étienne.

He Uk gone by identical way. To this day, pubs and restaurants must close at 10 pm throughout the country. But the Government of conservative Boris Johnson has decided today to close the bars in the city of Liverpool, with 600 positives per 100,000 inhabitants, and throughout the region, where 1.5 million people live. No pubs, no casinos, no gyms, no betting houses. In the spotlight are other cities of the north england, as Manchester, Liverpool y Newcastle.

Further, five areas of Scotland, among which are the cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow have already met since October 9 no pubs, bars or restaurants. Only cafeterias that do not sell alcohol open until 6:00 p.m. The restrictions will apply until October 25 at bars and restaurants in the Greater Glasgow & Clyde, Lanarkshire, Ayrshire & Arran, Lothian and Forth Valley areas, where only takeout can be served.

Judging by this disparity in measures within the country, it is clear that Johnson He is in favor of using the scalpel to dissect different needs in order to damage economic activity as little as possible.

He Northern Irish Government has announced that will close during four weeks the bars and restaurants, while schools will suspend classes for fifteen days, given the marked increase in coronavirus infections in the British province. The new restrictions will come into effect from Friday 16, according to the chief minister, the unionist Arlene Foster, after maintaining intense negotiations with her partner in the Executive of shared power, the nationalist Sinn Féin party.

Brussels, alcohol-free

The capital of Belgium, Brussels, has closed all bars and cafes from October 5 and for a month. The places where meals are served at the table may remain open, but those public spaces for the consumption of alcoholic beverages will remain closed until November 8 in the 19 communes of the Belgian capital.

He Government of the Czech Republic on Monday decreed the immediate closure of all schools, bars and restaurants until November 3 to reduce the level of infections with the coronavirus. Berlin, the German capital, has established that bars and restaurants close at 11pm throughout the month of October.

In Italy , one of the least restrictive European countries, the bars will close at midnight but, after 9:00 p.m., it will not be possible to consume standing outside.

Madrid, confined by areas, has been closing bars and restaurants at 10 pm, and Catalonia is awaiting whether the Government orders the closure of bars and restaurants.

The repercussions of these restrictive measures are of serious concern to the sector, already injured after the end of months at the hardest moment of the spring lockdown. “Before the end of the year, 30% of bars, hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and companies the catering the Paris and the Île-de-France region, run the risk of closing, “warned Roland Héguy, president of the Union of Trades and Industries of the Hotel and Catering Industry, in the newspaper The Parisian.



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