Wearing a beautiful smile is the dream of most. And we do not mean, only, that it is white and radiant, but that it looks (and we feel it!) Healthy, without the effect of plaque and tartar and with the gums without inflammation. Achieving this is also within the reach of anyone, because, in addition to regular visits with our family dentist, you just have to provide a deep cleaning devoid of errors that begins with brushing the teeth and ends with one pass with the oral irrigator, without leaving aside the thread and the specific mouthwash.

Why you should include a dental irrigator in your routine if you want to show off an impeccable smile

A powerful and effective routine (if followed to the letter) for which, however, it is necessary arm yourself with good tools that allow us to reach the last corner of the mouth without this supposing an overexertion. The first to consider? A good electric toothbrush! And it is that with this tool it is worth investing a little more than expected if this ensures an enviable oral health. But what if we tell you that We have found an offer on Amazon that you do not need to spend a lot of money to get a good gadget?

Between various offers subject to Oral-B products, we have found a pack from two electric toothbrushes that also have a discount of 22%. Do you want to know what they are going to offer you before launching and acquiring this bargain? Well, keep reading!

The'pack' of toothbrushes, from Oral-B.
The ‘pack’ of toothbrushes, from Oral-B.

Three reasons not to miss out on this offer

  • Deep cleaning … but with protection! The brushes are designed with a rounded head that manages to clean even the most difficult areas and remove up to 100% more plaque, while protecting your gums, since it has a pressure control that reduces the speed of brushing if we we are brushing too hard. Also, and thanks to its polishing cup, whiten your teeth from day one. It has two cleaning modes: daily and gum care.
  • With timer included. In order for us to be able to brush our teeth for the recommended time https://www.20minutos.es/noticia/2858252/0/tiempo-cepillas-dientes-minutos-dia/, this device includes a timer that alerts us when we reach two minutes.
  • Off-road battery. This model is designed with a battery that offers us up to two weeks of autonomy with a single charge.

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