On the sport indoor not everything has to do with weights. While it is true that having a dumbbell kit on hand to work strength, they are not the only tool that should be included in the gym that, little by little, we have mounted on each. Giving bosu a try, adding an acupuncture mat to ensure good warm-ups and stretches, and even going for a treadmill or stepper at home are perhaps the first items most will think of. But nevertheless, there is no need to aim so big: we can bet on small gadgets that, without assuming a high investment, will help us achieve new goals.

Elastic bands are among these small aids that, however, offer great benefits when training. In fact, such are that, in recent months, they have become one of the most demanded items by sports fans, both when they go to the gym and when they exercise at home. And, the truth is, it is not surprising: according to its morphology can help to work with resistance the lower or upper body, without taking up too much space … or spending too much money! Have you seen these that Amazon has reduced for a few hours to 50% and that you can buy for only five euros?

The ‘pack’ of bands, by Emuni.

This pack of bands offers five levels of resistance to progress in the sports routine with them. In fact, they cover a spectrum that goes from two to 18 kilos, in order to adapt the level of resistance to our state of form. To differentiate them, in addition to the colors, each of the bands has the type of resistance written and an infographic that shows it. In addition, they hardly weigh so we can take them with us in our routines outdoor.

How to take advantage of this ‘pack’

With these bands we can exercise arms, chest, abdominals, buttocks, back and legs. With them, in addition to toning, we can stretch the muscles, so they are perfect for disciplines such as yoga or Pilates and for flexibility improvement exercises. As for the types of exercises, for example, for the upper body, they are a substitute for dumbbells: we just have to step on the tape with our feet and perform the gesture as if we were lifting weights by holding the band. Too we can squat with the band between the knees, so that it opposes more resistance to the opening of the legs.

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