Barcelona train stations will have recycling machines

The train stations of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Barcelona will now have recycling machines so that travelers can recycle their cans and plastic bottles of drinks consumed outside the home there, and be rewarded. Thus, those who recycle will obtain incentives related to the promotion of sustainable transport, such as train tickets or electric scooters.

With the installation of these recycling machines, Railways of the Generalitat de Catalunya launches this initiative that is part of Reciclos, the Refund and Reward System (SDR) developed by the environmental organization that coordinates the recycling of packaging, Ecoembes. This system, which already works in the yellow containers of more than 20 municipalities in five Autonomous Communities, including Catalonia, is a boost to the circular economy, since it encourages these containers to have a second life.

The goal is that, during the month of November, these recycling machines reach a total of 15 railway stations. To do this, from today the Provença, Martorell Central, Plaça Espanya, Sarrià, L`Hospitalet-Av-Carrilet, Autonomous University, Sabadell-Pl Major, Creu Alta, Vallparadís-Universitat and Can Feu stations already have recycling machines. Then, from November 23, the stations of Plaza Catalunya, Terrassa-Rambla, Almeda, Igualada and Manresa-Baixador will be added.

The presentation of these machines was made this morning, in an event that counted with the presence of the President of Ferrocarrils, Ricard Font, who highlighted “With this action, from Ferrocarrils we are taking another step to contribute to sustainability. We give space in our stations to promote recycling and move towards a circular economy model, neutral in emissions and inclusive, that allows us to achieve the changes that society and the economy need & rdquor ;.

Also present at the event were Josep Maria Tost, director of l ‘Waste Agency of Catalonia and the manager of Ecoembes in Catalonia, Xavier Balagué, who took the opportunity to highlight that “the arrival of these machines contributes to moving towards a model of circular economy, capable of responding to the new challenges and legislative objectives set from Europe, and recognizes the work of recycling citizens through social and environmental rewards, which generate a positive impact on their closest environment & rdquor; .

The installation of the Reciclos machines will continue throughout 2020 in other transport stations and shopping and leisure centers in other regions of Spain. until reaching a total of 100.

Pioneer region

Catalonia thus becomes the first region in installing Recycling recycling machines in railway transport stations. Already in 2019, it also became the first region to implement this SDR in the yellow containers of different municipalities, which makes it a pioneer region in betting on this recycling system.

Currently, 16 Catalan municipalities already have the technology incorporated into the yellow containers, in which citizens can recycle the cans and bottles of beverages they generate in their homes. Now, with the implementation of these recycling machines, Reciclos expands its reach by encouraging the recycling of cans and plastic bottles of beverages that citizens consume beyond their homes, such as train stations.

Incentives for recycling

The Refund and Reward System allows rail users to change their reward and decide between fostering a sustainable transport, participating in raffles to obtain train tickets or items such as electric scooters, with which to move in a greener way around your city; or to support solidarity projects and help those who need it most by donating their points to the Food Bank of Catalonia.

Citizens who want to use the Recycling machine have to connect to the webapp with their mobile, from where they can scan the can or bottle they want to recycle. Later, when they deposit it in the machine, they will only have to scan the QR code that appears in it to receive their Recycle points, with which they can receive the incentives and exchange them to support the social or environmental projects they prefer. With the aim of not encouraging consumption, this SDR will award a maximum of weekly Recycling points.



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