Barcelona denounces that hundreds of signatures were forged and asks to stop the motion of censure

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The ruling party alerts for irregularities in the guarantees obtained to reach the vote for the continuity of Josep Maria Bartomeu and his entire Board of Directors.

While the team seems to begin to find tranquility from the hand of Ronald Koeman and after overcoming the tremor caused by the frustrated departure of Lionel Messi, the outlook off the pitch is increasingly tense in Barcelona.

The Board of Directors, through its legal services, He presented a complaint to the Civil Guard on Wednesday for forgery of signatures to paralyze the motion of censure.

From the club they alerted for possible irregularities in the signatures presented, specifically they point to 300 that they consider of doubtful authenticity and they would be linked to a previous complaint for trucho cards that were used for ticket resale.

In the club’s letter to the Civil Guard, revealed by the newspaper by La Vanguardia, they affirm that “evidence has been detected of the possible perpetration of crimes of a criminal nature that, due to their importance, escape the scope of the Table. For this reason we inform the Judicial Police Unit for its investigation and clarification ”.

The denunciation of the ruling party led by President Josep Maria Bartomeu came hours after Jordi Farre, a pre-candidate for club president and promoter of the vote of no confidence, confirmed that the 16,521 signatures needed to promote the motion of censure had been validated and that the members they could participate in a referendum to achieve the removal of Bartomeu.

In this scenario, the first vice president of Barcelona, ​​Jordi Cardoner, affirmed that the Board of Directors supports Bartomeu, whom he sees as “good and strong” despite the motion of censure.

“He has shown that he is at the front, in the most complicated moments he is even more strongly. And this Board is at the side of its president, the health of this Board is fine,” Cardoner said at a press conference.

Of course, he acknowledged that the president “accepted that there are reasons” for there to be 19 thousand partners who are willing to endorse this motion of censure. “But this Board also values ​​that there are 90 thousand who have not done it. This is part of the rules of the game of this club,” he added.

“The efforts of the promoters have managed to move a significant number of people, without parties, but we must also take into account the other party that has not voted,” he stressed.

Regarding this vote on the motion of censure, which will take place once the Board completes the counting of signatures, between 10 and 20 days from then, he believes that it will be possible to carry it out but the Board of Directors first intends to have the endorsement of the General Secretariat of Sport and the Department of Health to carry out the elections.

“This process will be validated by the administration. The vote may be held, but with health conditions and security. The next steps to be followed will be contrasted with the Secretary of Sports and Health, the times will be agreed and the information will be communicated. let it be decided, “Cardoner explained.

The motion of censure is a process already known in the club. Five motions of no confidence were attempted previously, although so far only two had passed the signature cut and advanced to the referendum, as will happen on this occasion.

The first was in 1998, led by the ‘Elephant Blue’ by Joan Laporta against President Josep Lluis Núñez, and in 2008, promoted by Oriol Giralt against Joan Laporta.

There is a fact that could reassure Bartomeu: Neither of the two plebiscites were successful as they did not reach 66 percent of the votes to make the removal of a Board of Directors effective. Beyond this possibility of a premature resignation, the presidential elections for March 2021 remain.



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