He Barça conquered this Sunday the Futsal Champions League by overcoming (2-1) a ElPozo Murcia in the final held at the Palau Blaugrana, third title for the Catalans and a ticket to play the next edition of the tournament.

The goals of Dyego, after bouncing a shot from Ferrao, and of Aicardo in the first part, plus the stops Didac, returned European glory to a Barça that had been champions in 2012 and 2014. ElPozo aspired to its first title and did not stop trying until the last seconds of the first Spanish final in the history of the tournament.

The nerves of the start were noted in Barça, an unexpected host, in addition to favorite for honors, after Minks’ ‘Final 4’ was postponed five months ago due to the coronavirus. He lost balls and did not find his place, but he also struck first at three minutes.

The fortune of that shot from Ferrao that diverted Dyego The goal was repeated at 2-0, when a cross shot from Aicardo, with all the intention that yes, he touched the rival Paradynski. Barça doubled the score just after the anger of Andreu Plaza.

And the thing is that the culé coach had to stop the game after 12 very weak minutes for his team. The effectiveness however gave him an income that did not lower his arms from the rival, but Didac’s stops prevented Fernando Aguilera and Pol from scoring.

Rafa Santos had had a ball to the crossbar and Darío Gil also a hand from the goal, but at halftime Barça left with half title in pocket. ElPozo found the prize in the resumption, with pressure from Alberto García and a goal from Leo Santana. Giustozzi’s they returned to the doubts to the Barça, though Ferrao missed a death pass to Dyego for the third.

The weight of the final was again the Murcians and also most of the time. Didac He became great against Santana, Fernando and Cholo, three stops that were worth a Champions. Lozano tried to give Barça criteria and possession but ElPozo did not have any more than burning ships, in a siege with a goalkeeper player the last three minutes that did not move the score.